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Episode #22.1
S22E01 · Episode #22.1

Jan 26, 1999

Amy's lack of uniform causes her problems, and Spencer's soon in trouble. Alec's doing community service, but wants to get back to school: after a fight, his father chucks him out.

Episode #22.2
S22E02 · Episode #22.2

Jan 28, 1999

Calvin suffers an Asthma attack when Nathan throws his inhaler away. Alec returns to school, but there seems little hope that he can stay.

Episode #22.3
S22E03 · Episode #22.3

Feb 02, 1999

Max takes up the tuba. Alec and Judi get locked in a storeroom then when Alec's careless match starts a fire, and the only exit is the window, Judi falls to her death.

Episode #22.4
S22E04 · Episode #22.4

Feb 04, 1999

When Ray gives Alec some work in the café, Wayne decides to picket the entrance. Max loses the tuba in the canal, can he recover in time for the concert?

Episode #22.5
S22E05 · Episode #22.5

Feb 09, 1999

Wayne takes heavy handed action against Ray's café. When Gemma learns that her parents want to divorce, and she won't be able to stay with her dad, she packs her bags and leaves.

Episode #22.6
S22E06 · Episode #22.6

Feb 11, 1999

Gemma's friends protest against her going to boarding school, and Becky makes Kamal look very foolish for claiming he snogged her after a date.

Episode #22.7
S22E07 · Episode #22.7

Feb 16, 1999

New boy Ben replaces Franco in the football team, but Franco can't bring himself to tell his dad. Gemma's father arranges for her to go to boarding school, and she spends her last day at Grange Hill.

Episode #22.8
S22E08 · Episode #22.8

Feb 18, 1999

At the Inter-School Final Franco gets Max to lock Ben in the changing rooms, but has a change of heart. The Double Dare Gang try to rescue Gemma from her new boarding school.

Episode #22.9
S22E09 · Episode #22.9

Feb 23, 1999

The Inter-School Football cup doesn't stay long in the trophy case. Amy's reading skills give Miss Carver cause for concern. Kamal and his friends start fixing up his brother's car.

Episode #22.10
S22E10 · Episode #22.10

Feb 25, 1999

Kamal's mates work to raise the £1000 goal for renovating the car. Amy starts special classes to help with her reading. Ben and Franco become determined to return the football trophy.

Episode #22.11
S22E11 · Episode #22.11

Mar 02, 1999

Amy runs away from school and makes a friend, and Zoe is determined to stop the confrontation with St. Joseph's.

Episode #22.12
S22E12 · Episode #22.12

Mar 04, 1999

Zoe steps in to help bring the football trophy back, Amy's new friend puts the fear of God into Spencer, and Colin's date with Becky is spoiled.

Episode #22.13
S22E13 · Episode #22.13

Mar 09, 1999

Lisa makes plans for Tracey's birthday treat, Darren discovers a rabbit, Becky goes to Colin's house for a meal, and Arnie disobeys his father.

Episode #22.14
S22E14 · Episode #22.14

Mar 11, 1999

Lisa's treat for Tracy almost goes horribly wrong when Tracey is left alone at the hotel. Becky's father arrives with news that he wants to sell the family home.

Episode #22.15
S22E15 · Episode #22.15

Mar 16, 1999

Lisa and Matt become friends again, Nathan fails his driving test and Sarah-Jane has become dependent on her pills, walking around in a daze.

Episode #22.16
S22E16 · Episode #22.16

Mar 18, 1999

To Mr. Jones's dismay Mrs. Holmes volunteers for the Outward Bound course. Kamal and Colin's trip to Brighton turns into a nightmare.

Episode #22.17
S22E17 · Episode #22.17

Mar 23, 1999

Colin tries to pressure Kamal into going to the police, and stays away from Becky who assumes he's finished with her. Cracker gets part-time work at the café.

Episode #22.18
S22E18 · Episode #22.18

Mar 25, 1999

On the Outward Bound trip, Wayne discovers that Sarah-Jane is becoming addicted to anti-depressants. Colin tells Becky about the accident and heads off into the police station.

Episode #22.19
S22E19 · Episode #22.19

Mar 30, 1999

After Colin tells the police about the accident, the police question Kamal, and at school, the other sixth formers learn of the situation.

Episode #22.20
S22E20 · Episode #22.20

Apr 01, 1999

Kamal gets a heavy fine for his driving offences, but renews his friendship with Colin. Sarah-Jane finally asks for Wayne's help, and Cracker's sandwich scheme is rumbled by the Head.


Grange Hill Season 22 (1999) is released on Jan 26, 1999 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Stuart Organ and Lee Cornes.

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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