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Episode #11.1
S11E01 · Episode #11.1

Jan 05, 1988

Misdirecting the new first formers becomes a fun pastime for Grange Hill. A thief is targeting school property. Julia has gone, and Fred wastes no time making advances towards her best friend Laura.

Episode #11.2
S11E02 · Episode #11.2

Jan 08, 1988

Justine finds that Tegs has been up to no good, but she's in trouble herself for her fancy blouse. There's a surprise in store for Laura when she gets home.

Episode #11.3
S11E03 · Episode #11.3

Jan 12, 1988

Calley starts reading the bumps on people's heads, Georgina and Helen give each other dares, and Mrs. Reagan's keep fit class has an unseen audience.

Episode #11.4
S11E04 · Episode #11.4

Jan 15, 1988

Fiona shows Ronnie the Fun House - a hip-hop club and demonstrates her own rap. Gonch starts a P.E. kit service, and Justine rescues Tegs.

Episode #11.5
S11E05 · Episode #11.5

Jan 19, 1988

Robbie saves Calley from Mauler's amorous advances, but pays for his intervention. Mr. Robson's crash helmet goes missing, and there's a smile on Tegs' face when Mauler gets accused of taking it.

Episode #11.6
S11E06 · Episode #11.6

Jan 22, 1988

The rap partnership "Fresh and Fly" is born. Matthew's lies about his glamorous lifestyle are becoming increasingly obvious to others.

Episode #11.7
S11E07 · Episode #11.7

Jan 26, 1988

The Grid Iron gang accidentally soak Mr. Bronson, and Tegs tells Justine about his errant family.

Episode #11.8
S11E08 · Episode #11.8

Jan 29, 1988

Mauler gets his come-uppance in the French lesson. Mrs. McClusky asks the staff to show some fair-play as regards to thinking every crime has been committed by Tegs.

Episode #11.9
S11E09 · Episode #11.9

Feb 02, 1988

Gonch's PE Service looks set to involve Calley and Ronnie, as long as they can be persuaded to do the washing.

Episode #11.10
S11E10 · Episode #11.10

Feb 05, 1988

Danny's back in trouble for arriving late at lessons; Calley takes on the burden of washing sports gear; and Vince's fancying of Helen leads him into the clutches of Mauler's gang.

Episode #11.11
S11E11 · Episode #11.11

Feb 09, 1988

A fad of wearing fruit badges starts among the first formers. Ronnie and Fiona go to see Wesley about their Hip-hop act, and the PE services becomes even more chaotic.

Episode #11.12
S11E12 · Episode #11.12

Feb 12, 1988

Laura and her mother hold a dinner party and Fresh and Fly want to enter the Hip-hop competition - but first Gonch has to get them and their equipment to the venue.

Episode #11.13
S11E13 · Episode #11.13

Feb 16, 1988

Laura finds out the truth about Simon's behaviour at the party, and Matthew's back is revealed to be covered in painful welts.

Episode #11.14
S11E14 · Episode #11.14

Feb 19, 1988

Tegs takes Justine home, but why doesn't he seem to know where anything is?

Episode #11.15
S11E15 · Episode #11.15

Feb 23, 1988

Ziggy rounds up a posse to deal with Mauler, but Mr. Griffiths gets in the way. Ronnie is tempted into shoplifting by the success of Calley, Helen and Georgina, and pays the price.

Episode #11.16
S11E16 · Episode #11.16

Feb 26, 1988

Matthew explains about his drunk and violent father to Mr. Mackenzie. Freddie and Laura orchestrate some passive resistance in football and hockey. Calley and the girls decide to own up about their shoplifting.

Episode #11.17
S11E17 · Episode #11.17

Mar 01, 1988

Gonch's starts his latest venture, babysitting, with Ziggy, but first he needs to acquire some temporary girlfriends. Helen and Georgina finally tell Mrs. McClusky about their shoplifting.

Episode #11.18
S11E18 · Episode #11.18

Mar 04, 1988

Robbie finally asks Calley out, but will she turn up? Helen, Calley and Georgina are taken to meet the manager of the shop they stole from.

Episode #11.19
S11E19 · Episode #11.19

Mar 08, 1988

Ronnie has a nightmare interview with the police. The attempt to get Calley together with Robbie goes wrong, thanks to Trevor and Gonch's crèche idea seems doomed before it can properly begin.

Episode #11.20
S11E20 · Episode #11.20

Mar 11, 1988

It's "Wear What You Like" day. Mauler's gang have one last chance to get Ziggy before he heads back to Liverpool...


Grange Hill Season 11 (1988) is released on Jan 05, 1988 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Stuart Organ and Gwyneth Powell.

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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