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Episode #14.1
S14E01 · Episode #14.1

Jan 08, 1991

Mr. Van Der Groot makes a good impression on Form R2. The ill-maintained heating causes the school to be filled with water, most of it landing on Mr. Hargreaves!

Episode #14.2
S14E02 · Episode #14.2

Jan 11, 1991

Trevor gets some work experience as an Estate Agent, Alice asks for "more" and Calley gets her hospital test results.

Episode #14.3
S14E03 · Episode #14.3

Jan 15, 1991

Becky and Alice use the crawlspace to spy on the staff, and start a peaceful canteen protest. Matthew sees the "Smugglers" from Richard's tree-house.

Episode #14.4
S14E04 · Episode #14.4

Jan 18, 1991

While Jacko and his gang try to get to Edinburgh, a party is in the offing. Georgina doesn't wait in for Mike and Tegs tells Justine he is moving to Germany.

Episode #14.5
S14E05 · Episode #14.5

Jan 22, 1991

Mike gets an offer to train in the USA. Jack and Locko go to meet Brian, who is sick with a mystery illness.

Episode #14.6
S14E06 · Episode #14.6

Jan 25, 1991

Julie Corrigan is sent to Coventry, Mike learns about Georgina's dance with Don and Trevor starts selling take-away pizzas in the playground.

Episode #14.7
S14E07 · Episode #14.7

Jan 29, 1991

The school advertising is made to look ridiculous, the school starts charging for lockers and Mr Robson has an accident while he and Mike are out on his motorbike.

Episode #14.8
S14E08 · Episode #14.8

Feb 01, 1991

News of Chrissy's pregnancy is overheard by Alice. Chrissy goes to get some advice from Ms Booth, and Cecile gives Mike a visa application.

Episode #14.9
S14E09 · Episode #14.9

Feb 05, 1991

The rumour of Chrissy's pregnancy by Mr. Van Der Groot spreads around school. Julie will do anything to gain the friendship of her classmates, including jumping in the swimming pool!

Episode #14.10
S14E10 · Episode #14.10

Feb 08, 1991

Trevor abandons the lunchtime pizza business, Julie goes missing, and there's another stab at trying to prove that the smugglers are up to no good.

Episode #14.11
S14E11 · Episode #14.11

Feb 12, 1991

Mrs. Monroe teaches Alice a lesson in victimization, Richard sells some t-shirts to raise money for Matthew, and the contents of the smuggler's shed is finally seen.

Episode #14.12
S14E12 · Episode #14.12

Feb 15, 1991

On the day of the Dartmoor trip, Ray arrives with his brother's bike, and his wallet. Justine realizes that Chrissy is pregnant after all, and lied about her test.

Episode #14.13
S14E13 · Episode #14.13

Feb 19, 1991

On the last day at Dartmoor, there's a final initiative test to be done. Matthew gets his revenge on Ray and Richard, while back home Trevor and Ted's dinner party fails to win any admiration from Calley and Georgina.

Episode #14.14
S14E14 · Episode #14.14

Feb 22, 1991

Chrissy's pregnancy becomes common knowledge, and she goes to see an advisor. Mrs. McClusky announces her early retirement and Alice comes a cropper.

Episode #14.15
S14E15 · Episode #14.15

Feb 26, 1991

A model boat race is held. The true nature of the "smugglers" is revealed. There's bad news for Brian shaw's parents: their son needs a bone marrow transplant.

Episode #14.16
S14E16 · Episode #14.16

Mar 01, 1991

The pizza business is discovered by Mr. Robson. Georgina persuades Calley to get glasses. Chrissy's dad doesn't take news of the pregnancy very well.

Episode #14.17
S14E17 · Episode #14.17

Mar 05, 1991

Interviews are held for the post of Headmaster, Matthew takes his friends to see his new flat and Ray ruins Nick's jacket on a night out.

Episode #14.18
S14E18 · Episode #14.18

Mar 08, 1991

Fran receives a letter from Jamie, Nick is on the warpath when he sees what Ray's done to his jacket and Calley excels at her hotel work experience.

Episode #14.19
S14E19 · Episode #14.19

Mar 12, 1991

Ms Booth does her sponsored run, Jamie turns up unexpectedly to see Fran, and Ted has tea again at Chrissy's house.

Episode #14.20
S14E20 · Episode #14.20

Mar 15, 1991

As the term ends, Natalie gives Mrs. McClusky a musical send off, and the long-standing headmistress is given a variety of leaving presents.


Grange Hill Season 14 (1991) is released on Jan 08, 1991 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Stuart Organ and Gwyneth Powell.

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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