Episodes (20)

Episode #12.1
S12E01 · Episode #12.1

Jan 03, 1989

Tegs brother comes home, Mr. Bronson's car breaks down, Danny Kendall gets off to a bad start and Clark's new paper round is beset with difficulties.

Episode #12.2
S12E02 · Episode #12.2

Jan 06, 1989

Justine meets Tegs's on-the-run brother, Vince saves Georgina with his "psychic powers" and Gonch explains his computerized Homework Service to Ziggy and Robbie.

Episode #12.3
S12E03 · Episode #12.3

Jan 10, 1989

Vince's psychic powers continue to amaze Trevor Cleaver. Subterfuge is used to get Calley to do Mauler's French homework and the police raid Tegs's house.

Episode #12.4
S12E04 · Episode #12.4

Jan 13, 1989

It's the night of Ronnie's party, and there are unwelcome guests in the form of Trevor Cleaver and Mauler McCaul.

Episode #12.5
S12E05 · Episode #12.5

Jan 17, 1989

Chrissy is mugged on the way to school, and this prompts Miss Booth into suggesting self-defence classes. Danny starts on the swimming pool mosaic, but forgets his appointment with Mr. Tilly, about work experience.

Episode #12.6
S12E06 · Episode #12.6

Jan 20, 1989

Gonch tries to impress Mandy Freemont to get her help with the homework service - but "Les Diapositives de Bretagne" turns out not to be the musical gig he was expecting.

Episode #12.7
S12E07 · Episode #12.7

Jan 24, 1989

Mr. Bronson spoils Danny's work experience and Justine helps Tegs get his shirts clean. Trevor's got a lot of money on a horse - will "Lucky Shark" live up to the promise of his name?

Episode #12.8
S12E08 · Episode #12.8

Jan 27, 1989

Ronnie gets into Mr. Bronson's bad books when he collides with her moped. Clarke and Matthew use signalling to find the missing bike.

Episode #12.9
S12E09 · Episode #12.9

Jan 31, 1989

Trevor's out to get Vince for his failed prediction, and Mauler wants to muscle in on Gonch's Sweepstake. When Mauler and Ted chase Gonch and Ziggy through the estate, there's a tragedy in store when they discover Mr. Bronson's missing car.

Episode #12.10
S12E10 · Episode #12.10

Feb 03, 1989

Grange Hill comes to terms with Danny Kendall's death with the planting of a tree and the holding of a memorial service.

Episode #12.11
S12E11 · Episode #12.11

Feb 07, 1989

Who is hiding inside Grange Hill? Trevor has a skinful and has to be hidden away by Ziggy and Robbie. Mr Bronson, increasingly isolated and withdrawn, pulls out of the Isle of Wight trip.

Episode #12.12
S12E12 · Episode #12.12

Feb 10, 1989

Mr. Bronson changes his mind about the isle of Wight trip, Justine discovers where Tegs has been hiding, and Helen has her first day of work experience as an engineer.

Episode #12.13
S12E13 · Episode #12.13

Feb 14, 1989

Gonch sees Mandy in a new light on the Isle of Wight trip. Georgina's been getting weird notes from an admirer, and Trevor keeps losing his beer.

Episode #12.14
S12E14 · Episode #12.14

Feb 17, 1989

Trevor's drinking gets him into a dangerous situation. At the barbecue, Calley goes cold on Robbie, and Mandy discovers the original reason that Gonch asked her out.

Episode #12.15
S12E15 · Episode #12.15

Feb 21, 1989

Helen encounters Mauler at her work experience, Mr. Bronson hands in his notice and Trevor is seen going to the off-license.

Episode #12.16
S12E16 · Episode #12.16

Feb 24, 1989

Mr. Griffiths, Mauler and Ziggy make a search for the mystery intruder under the cover of darkness.

Episode #12.17
S12E17 · Episode #12.17

Feb 28, 1989

Who will be Mauler's date? Matthew and Clarke find the owner of the ferocious dog.

Episode #12.18
S12E18 · Episode #12.18

Mar 03, 1989

Mauler is out for revenge on Gonch. A reporter for the local radio station comes to school. Tegs goes back to his old house.

Episode #12.19
S12E19 · Episode #12.19

Mar 07, 1989

Plans are laid for the forthcoming Prom, and money is raised for Mr. Bronson's leaving present.

Episode #12.20
S12E20 · Episode #12.20

Mar 10, 1989

Grange Hill holds a glitzy end-of-term Prom. There's a clash of the Rambos, and a mission to get Georgina and Ziggy together.


Grange Hill Season 12 (1989) is released on Jan 03, 1989 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Stuart Organ and Gwyneth Powell.

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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