Episodes (20)

Episode #20.1
S20E01 · Episode #20.1

Jan 21, 1997

It's Human Rights Day: a metal cage occupied to represent a prisoner of conscience. Dudley's hardened steel padlock, supposedly keeping Josh's motorbike safe, makes Kevin rather more securely imprisoned than his mother would like.

Episode #20.2
S20E02 · Episode #20.2

Jan 23, 1997

Lucy meets her widowed dad's new girlfriend, but it's Dennis who makes an instant rapport with her. Sarah-Jane sees Judi's little brother steal sausages.

Episode #20.3
S20E03 · Episode #20.3

Jan 28, 1997

Dennis encounters Ray, a former Grange Hill pupil, running a local café. Judi has to cut short her school day to pick up her brothers and Josh encounters the badge from his damaged bike on someone's bag.

Episode #20.4
S20E04 · Episode #20.4

Jan 30, 1997

Judi's mother has Multiple Sclerosis. After spending time with Lucy, Dennis speeds back to rugby practice. On the way, his motorbike hits a truck, and Dennis is catapulted onto the road.

Episode #20.5
S20E05 · Episode #20.5

Feb 04, 1997

In hospital, Dennis has no feeling in his legs. Kevin's friends go round to his house, and enjoy themselves: Kevin agrees to have his hair coloured, but his mother is shocked by the results.

Episode #20.6
S20E06 · Episode #20.6

Feb 06, 1997

The Double Dare Gang spring some dares: a stink bomb onto Mr. Jones, for which Matt is almost caught, and a custard-based revenge on Alec for his outrageous toilet tax.

Episode #20.7
S20E07 · Episode #20.7

Feb 11, 1997

Lauren and Carlene dress up for a party, are mistaken for prostitutes by the police, and Lauren is strip searched.

Episode #20.8
S20E08 · Episode #20.8

Feb 13, 1997

A party at Lauren's house gets out of control. Dai Jones misreads the signals from Miss Carver when she goes round to his house after a boxing match.

Episode #20.9
S20E09 · Episode #20.9

Feb 18, 1997

Hockey on skates becomes popular. When Judi's brother is hurt while she puts him to bed, Social Services start poking their noses into her home life.

Episode #20.10
S20E10 · Episode #20.10

Feb 20, 1997

Dennis's return to school causes headaches for Mr. Robson, Mrs. Holmes authority is undermined by Judi's Social Service helper, and Kelly gets nowhere fast with Arnie.

Episode #20.11
S20E11 · Episode #20.11

Feb 25, 1997

Can the "Hill Hogs" Skate Hockey team win the day? Only if Arnie can get Kelly back, if Josh bothers to turn up and if he can swallow his pride and let Chris play Forward.

Episode #20.12
S20E12 · Episode #20.12

Feb 27, 1997

Lauren's dad gets the job he wanted in Barbados. Joanna gets sacked from Ray's café. Tom performs his dare to get Mrs. Holmes suspended - in a manner of speaking!

Episode #20.13
S20E13 · Episode #20.13

Mar 04, 1997

Alec gets suspended, blamed for the Double Dare Gang's trick on Mrs. Holmes. Lauren's mother finds out about her daughter's wrongful arrest, and Chris hides Joanna in his bedroom.

Episode #20.14
S20E14 · Episode #20.14

Mar 06, 1997

Judi shames the body-building Wayne, Kevin and Robert. Lauren's friends wish her good luck as she nears the time of her departure to Barbados.

Episode #20.15
S20E15 · Episode #20.15

Mar 11, 1997

Mr. Hankin demonstrates custard pies in Science, Dill has a bathroom disaster while babysitting for Mrs. Maguire and Joanna cruelly dashes Chris's hopes.

Episode #20.16
S20E16 · Episode #20.16

Mar 13, 1997

Rachel and Gerald photograph the staff intent on making satirical masks. Laurie calls a radio phone-in about Chris and Joanna, though not naming them - soon the truth is all round the school.

Episode #20.17
S20E17 · Episode #20.17

Mar 18, 1997

Mr. Robson persuades Jessica to become editor for the school magazine. Dennis recovers in hospital, but Lucy stays away. Cracker dresses up as Mrs. Holmes for a dare.

Episode #20.18
S20E18 · Episode #20.18

Mar 20, 1997

Wayne disrupts Rachel's Animal Farm project, Liam dashes Lucy's hopes and Dennis gives a bitter interview for the magazine.

Episode #20.19
S20E19 · Episode #20.19

Mar 25, 1997

The school magazine is withdrawn after Gemma's father complains about the male pin-up, but Cracker does a roaring trade in illicit photocopies.

Episode #20.20
S20E20 · Episode #20.20

Mar 27, 1997

After Rachel's Animal Hill drama, it's time for the dare to beat all dares... Speedy streaks around the school, and Matt photographs his posterior with a Polaroid camera, fixing the photos to the noticeboards.


Grange Hill Season 20 (1997) is released on Jan 21, 1997 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Stuart Organ and Lee Cornes.

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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