Episodes (2)

Zeit für Frühling
S05E01 · Zeit für Frühling

Jan 31, 2016

The Holzner family is breeding trouts.One day Franz was recollecting trouts,Sandra was in the kitchen and the young Lilly was playing in the pick-up, she switches the key and the pick-up began to move.Franz began to run but falls.Sandra manages to reach the vehicle and to stop it.Sandra carries her husband to the hospital.Dr. Langfeld has worked many hours and is exhausted.But there are not others doctors to replace her.Kikki Baumann is in the hospital for her first assistance in a surgery.The operation becomes complicated ; when Franz awakes he is quite angry and ...

Hundertmal Frühling
S05E02 · Hundertmal Frühling

Feb 28, 2016

An old lady,Erna Krawinkel lives in a retirement home and soon she will celebrate her 100 birthday.Erna decides to escape alone from the home.At her home Katja wants to speak with Mark about Kiki, but Mark must leave soon for his trip to Mallorca.Cem proposes Katja to drive Mark to the airport of Munich and to supper with her in the night.Mark says Katja that Kiki is now an adult and must take her own decisions.Also Katja must take care for the hydrangeas and prune the trees in autumn.When Katja comes back home, she listens to the radio announcing the disappearance of...


Frühling Season 5 (2016) is released on Jan 31, 2016 and the latest season 12 of Frühling is released in 2023. Watch Frühling online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. Frühling is directed by Michael Karen,Thomas Jauch,Thomas Kronthaler,Tom Zenker and created by Natalie Scharf with Simone Thomalla and Johannes Herrschmann.

As know as:

Wiosenny szept, Frühling





Production Companies:

Seven Dogs Filmproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

Cast & Crew

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