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Mehr als Freunde
S07E01 · Mehr als Freunde

Apr 22, 2018

In a forest Katja Baumann and Mark Weber intend to capture Susi, a cow who escaped from a farm.Suddenly Katja receives a call from a woman who feels very bad and wants to commit suicide, she spoke about her daughter Marie, but doesn't give her name to Katja.Katja goes in Frühling and speaks with the priest.When she wants to go out of parking, a car stays behind a car.She looks for the owner and meets in store Jan , an old acquaintance, they were in the same college in Munich.Jan is looking for a house in Frühling.Mark an d Filipa meet together and Mark lends Filipa an...

Gute Väter, schlechte Väter
S07E02 · Gute Väter, schlechte Väter

Apr 29, 2018

Mark Weber has decided to sell his house in Frühling, because he has to stay with his ill father in Leipzig for some time.The new owner of the house is Jan Steinmann , an school-friend of Katja.One night Katja receives a call from the priest Sonnleitner about two children in an hotel.Their parents were climbing a mountain and the weather changed suddenly: so they still are somewhere in the mountain.Katja goes to the hotel where Nicky and Paula were desperate.She manages to calm them.On the morning a rescue team could find the parents.But now Katja sees a great family ...

Wenn Kraniche fliegen
S07E03 · Wenn Kraniche fliegen

May 06, 2018

Katja Baumann is now helping the family Schneidinger, because the father has broken his arm.Katja has to harvest sunflowers, the combine has some technical problems.Suddenly at the border of the forest Katja sees a young girl suffering a great belly ache.She drive her with combine to the farm of the Schneidinger who tell her that the girl belongs to their neighbors, then she drives the child to the hospital where the doctors say that she was intoxicated.Katja goes back now to the farm where she meets first a strong dog, then she meets the mother also with terrible ...

Am Ende des Sommers
S07E04 · Am Ende des Sommers

May 13, 2018

Judith Kleinke has come back home after the treatment of her depression in a clinic.Today she will travel to Munich for a job interview.Marie, the little daughter notices that Judith feels a little weak, but Judith says to her that this faint is not important and that this remains a secret between Marie and her.As Tom Kleinke must carry the elder daughter Nora to the college, Tom asks then Katja Baumann to look for Marie and to go with her to the veterinarian's office because "Blaky", the guinea pig of Marie is sick. Katja arrives at the house, greets Judith who goes ...


Frühling Season 7 (2018) is released on Apr 22, 2018 and the latest season 12 of Frühling is released in 2023. Watch Frühling online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. Frühling is directed by Michael Karen,Thomas Jauch,Thomas Kronthaler,Tom Zenker and created by Natalie Scharf with Simone Thomalla and Johannes Herrschmann.

As know as:

Wiosenny szept, Frühling





Production Companies:

Seven Dogs Filmproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

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