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Familie auf Probe
S08E01 · Familie auf Probe

Feb 03, 2019

The school has organized an excursion to the church of Frühling; there the priest Sonnleitner explains why the children must do a confession which can be silent o with words.The 8 year old LiamMehdamm realizes that the priest must respect the seal of confession and takes advantages of this fact telling the priest that his 4 years elder brother is maltreating him.Besides the small boy said that his name was Max.Th priest is really preoccupied.He calls the teacher and asks her to tell to the children that the church is always open for the children.Liam returns to the ...

Lieb mich, wenn du kannst
S08E02 · Lieb mich, wenn du kannst

Feb 10, 2019

Katja Baumann, Philippa and Michelle Schmid have a free day and they will practice paragliding.Wenn they arrive at the paragliding school, some clients are now going away from the place.An eagle is attacking everyone who tries to fly.Philippa explains that she is veterinarian and maybe she can help the manager of the paragliding school to solve this problem.Wenn they go back to Frühling, Michelle Schmid recognizes one of his student, Freddie Löffler, who didn't come to class in the morning.Michelle goes then to the farm of the Löffler family and , Hubert Löffler,the ...

Das verlorene Mädchen
S08E03 · Das verlorene Mädchen

Feb 17, 2019

Andy and Leslie Wolf have come back from their holiday and their house has been visited by a raccoon which destroyed a lot of things.They called for help the priest Sonnleitner who sends Katja to the house of the Wolf family.Leslie asks Katja to make some purchases in the furniture store and to take care of the young daughter Fibi Wolf.So Katja goes to the furniture store, takes a supermarket cart and goes to the second floor: in the elevator she notices a young woman with tattoos in her hand.Katja was looking for cushions and when she was looking at the supermarket ...

Sand unter den Füßen
S08E04 · Sand unter den Füßen

Feb 24, 2019

At night Katja, Mark and their friends celebrated Katja's birthday.Now Mark has to go back to Leipzig.Luisa Gossner and her daughter Charlotte Gossner are bad tempered: one year ago the spouse of Luisa died in an accident when was riding his horse Henry.Luisa goes to the village: Charlotte goes to the stable and begins to ride the horse Henry: suddenly the horse begins to be nervous and to run fast.Mark says good bye to Katja, Mark begins to drive his car and shocks with Charlotte and the horse.Charlotte asks Mark to promise her that he will take care of the horse ...

S08E05 · Weihnachtswunder

Dec 21, 2019

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Frühling Season 8 (2019) is released on Feb 03, 2019 and the latest season 12 of Frühling is released in 2023. Watch Frühling online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. Frühling is directed by Michael Karen,Thomas Jauch,Thomas Kronthaler,Tom Zenker and created by Natalie Scharf with Simone Thomalla and Johannes Herrschmann.

As know as:

Wiosenny szept, Frühling





Production Companies:

Seven Dogs Filmproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

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