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The world of finance is at a crossroad. It is short-term traders versus long-term investors. Greed versus responsibility. Artificial intelligence versus human minds. For decades, the financial industry has been dominated by "wolves" seeking short-term personal gains. This has led to a destructive financial system, that has harmed millions of people. The world is faced with unprecedented problems: Food and water shortage. The effects of climate change. Mass migration and instability. Democratic values are under pressure. This far, finance has been seen as part of the problem. But can it be part of the solution? As the most powerful tool available to us, finance has the potential to fundamentally change society. As the world largest state-owned fund, The Norwegian Oil Fund is owned by a people and governed by politicians. It is a fund for future generations with ethical guidelines. It owns 1.5% of the worlds stocks and has ownership in 9000 companies worldwide. Instead of being part of the quarterly tyranny of regular businesses, this fund is politically mandated to see decades ahead. The fund has to address the coming challenges, but can - or will - the Oil Fund make a difference?

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Feb 28, 2019





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