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In January 2017, human-powered adventurer Grant Rawlinson began a journey by row-boat and bicycle that he planned would take him 12,000km from his home in Singapore to his homeland of New Zealand. It was a journey never before attempted. And in the beginning it was one of life's grandest adventures, as he and rowing partner, Charlie Smith, rowed 24 hours a day, dodging ships, visiting remote fishing villages and battling storms and heat to become the first adventurers to ever row a boat from Singapore to Australia. But as Rawlinson went on alone by bicycle across Australia, one of the rarest challenges in the world of adventure loomed ahead of him - the brutal, frigid waters of the Tasman Sea - a stretch of water that only two adventurers had ever conquered. And what followed became the extraordinary story of success, failure and the awesome force of nature's power colliding head-on with human ambition.

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Jun 06, 2021


New Zealand



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Henna Gaijin Studio

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