L.A. Paranormal full movie is released on Jan 11, 2011. Watch L.A. Paranormal online - the English Comedy movie from United States. L.A. Paranormal is directed by John Gonzales and created by John Gonzales with Mike Hatton and Matthew C. Temple.

L.A. Paranormal follows the ups and downs of a Los Angeles-based team of paranormal investigators. The group is led by second generation ghost hunter and skeptic Vince Norton. He is aided by Max Rutledge, his neurotic best friend and old college roommate. Also on board are metaphysicist and consultant Elliott Szpigiel, the team's technical wizard, and playboy medium John London, a psychic artist and former British television personality. During an investigation at the famously haunted Hollywoodland mental asylum, the team collects remarkable evidence that may support the existence of life after death. But soon after, an accusation of fraud lights a firestorm of controversy and sends them into a downward spiral that threatens to tear the group apart. The investigations get less appealing and the team loses credibility even amongst their peers, as they search for a way to clear their name and just maybe, once and for all, prove that ghosts really do exist.

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L.A. Paranormal


United States



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Cine Alma Pictures, Temple Pilgrim Films, Ton of Hats

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Extreme tales of paranormal adventure!, In the City of Angels, even the demons have a sense of humor.

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