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There was a Vietnamese adoptee, Zarah, who wanted to find her soulmate. This desire to find the right man in her life was fueled by the fact that she just couldn't relate to her father who was always working. Every day she felt desperate to find The One, clinging to her friend to console her, and convinced that she would find him in college. She actually did find her boyfriend, Perez, in college. But, one day she got fired from her job because her family-friendly company found out about his criminal record. For someone who values financial stability, she realized she had to take immediate action and find a new job. Meanwhile, her alcoholic boyfriend was not interested in finding a new job, and her friend told her about it. She met an older half-Chinese coworker in her new job. She couldn't get him out of her mind. Her college boyfriend found out that she wanted to cheat on him and in a jealous rage retaliated by putting soap in her gas tank. She fled home to her parents and had a long-distance relationship with her new boyfriend, falling deeply in love. However, during that time she had to face her fear of abandonment. All three of them yearned to rekindle what once was.

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Release Date:

Aug 01, 2023


United States



Production Companies:

Dullblade Cutwerks, Hanguk Dragon Productions, Juliet Echo Productions
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