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The crazy and chaotic life of the underground music legend and self-proclaimed recluse, R Stevie Moore, who has recorded over 400 albums in his bedroom. Hailed as the 'greatest unknown musical genius of modern times', R. Stevie Moore has influenced a generation of musicians. Rolling Stone also praised Moore for producing "one of the most significant indie albums of all time". Now in his 60s, the zeitgeist of DIY music and cassette culture has finally caught up with his talent. R. Stevie Moore is receiving worldwide recognition and a growing cult of followers. But as the film follows his first ever global tour, broke and in ill-health, has this last chance to celebrate the talent and influence of R. Stevie Moore within his own lifetime arrived too late?Let us see what happens.

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Release Date:

Jun 08, 2019


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Spring Films
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