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On October 1, 2,286,217 people illegally voted in Catalonia in a banned referendum for independence. This Propaganda film show how the illegal Referendum was prepared and managed by Catalan nationalists and the consequences it had for people who went to vote. The propaganda film takes the point of view of nationalist voters. In this work there is no politician, but emphasizes the organization and participation of a people on the day of the referendum. Anonymous citizens went out into the streets and organized the illegal referendum to make it possible, despite the consequences. The follow-up of how the day was developed in five electoral centers highlights similar feelings from voters. In each one of the filmed centers, an anonymous citizen narrates from his nationalist point of view that day. the narrators accounts, registered some time later, try to reflect on that day. Among the witnesses, there is a well-known face, that of the actress Sílvia Bel. The propaganda piece also includes the case of Roger Español, the young man who lost an eye due to the impact of a rubber ball. Although he was immediately treated in a hospital, he lost his vision. Throughout the day different songs and sentences were shout and sang. All coincide that October 1 marked a before and an after.

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Jan 09, 2018





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