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The Resurrection: Part 1
S01E01 · The Resurrection: Part 1

Oct 07, 1988

A terrorist attack at a nuclear waste site awakens aliens who were in hibernation since their 1953 invasion. A group of scientists work with the military to stop the aliens.

The Resurrection: Part 2
S01E02 · The Resurrection: Part 2

Oct 07, 1988

A terrorist attack at a nuclear waste site awakens aliens who were in hibernation since their 1953 invasion. A group of scientists work with the military to stop the aliens.

The Walls of Jericho
S01E03 · The Walls of Jericho

Oct 10, 1988

The aliens suffer from radiation poisoning and develop suits to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the government attempts to shut down Harrison and his team believing that the alien menace is no more.

Thy Kingdom Come
S01E04 · Thy Kingdom Come

Oct 17, 1988

Harrison and the team talk to a psychic woman who studied the aliens after the first invasion. Meanwhile, a group of aliens take over a family and travel cross country in order to awaken more aliens from hibernation.

A Multitude of Idols
S01E05 · A Multitude of Idols

Oct 24, 1988

The aliens continue to expand their operations. Sparked by random footage shot by a reporter Harrison's the team descend on the previously abandoned town of Beeton, where they find a bustling community that in theory should not exist.

Eye for an Eye
S01E06 · Eye for an Eye

Oct 31, 1988

The team is sent to Grover's Mill when it is discovered the 1938 radio broadcast of invasion was real. They meet with a group of local men who successfully fought the Martians 50 years ago and believe the Martians have returned to try and retrieve weapons abandoned in 1938.

The Second Seal
S01E07 · The Second Seal

Nov 07, 1988

The Martians attempt to take over a military base that has been used as a secure storage area for much of the information regarding the 1953 invasion. In particular they are seeking the location of Martians who are still in hibernation waiting to rejoin the invasion.

Goliath Is My Name
S01E08 · Goliath Is My Name

Nov 14, 1988

Suzanne learns that a friend of hers has disappeared from his college campus. Meanwhile the aliens are on campus in search of a bio-weapon.

To Heal the Leper
S01E09 · To Heal the Leper

Nov 21, 1988

The Martians encounter another human disease, chicken pox which is crippling their invasion plans. They decide by harvesting human brains so they can produce a cure that will put the invasion back on track. Harrison's team race against time to stop them completing their project.

The Good Samaritan
S01E10 · The Good Samaritan

Dec 26, 1988

Suzanne does some unauthorized research on a new kind of grain that will grow in any climate. The billionaire who invented wants to sell it to the world. Thinking poorer countries will be given money by richer countries. But the aliens have their own plans for the grain, after placing a new deadly poison in the grain, they take over the body of the billionaire who suddenly offers it free to the world.

S01E11 · Epiphany

Jan 02, 1989

Wanting to set off a "tribal war" within the human race, the aliens attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb at a U.S.-Soviet disarmament summit.

Among the Philistines
S01E12 · Among the Philistines

Jan 09, 1989

The Blackwood team consults with noted linguist Adrian Bouchard (Cedric Smith) to decipher the aliens' transmissions.

Choirs of Angels
S01E13 · Choirs of Angels

Jan 16, 1989

A noted scientist and old friend of Suzanne's, Dr. Erik Von Deer, is being brain-washed (through signals subliminally implanted in the music of his favorite artist) into secretly working on a serum that will give the aliens immunity to Earth's bacteria. Suzanne arrives for a weekend visit while Von Deer is on the verge of the serum's completion.

Dust to Dust
S01E14 · Dust to Dust

Jan 23, 1989

Many centuries ago, one alien ship crashed on earth. The surviving aliens were defeated by a local Indian tribe. The modern day aliens attempt to acquire the ship to assist in their subjugation of the planet.

He Feedeth Among the Lilies
S01E15 · He Feedeth Among the Lilies

Jan 30, 1989

The Blackwood Project investigates individuals who claim to have had "close encounters". The team stumbles onto an alien plot involving implanting something into victims' bodies for the study of the human immune system, setting them free and collecting them later to learn the results. Harrison ends up dating one of the victims, Karen McKinney.

The Prodigal Son
S01E16 · The Prodigal Son

Feb 06, 1989

Harrison is kidnapped by a unique modern artist named "Quinn", who's actually one of the aliens being hunted by his kind. He's mysteriously immune to Earth's bacteria, so the other aliens want to learn his secret through dissection. Quinn wants to set up a dialogue with Earth's leaders to arrange a "peaceful" takeover of the planet as opposed to an all-out slaughter of humanity.

The Meek Shall Inherit
S01E17 · The Meek Shall Inherit

Feb 13, 1989

The aliens plan to disorganise human society by paralysing its means of communication.

Unto Us a Child Is Born
S01E18 · Unto Us a Child Is Born

Feb 20, 1989

To escape capture, an alien merges with a pregnant woman. This causes unexpected consequences for the aliens, and for Blackwood's team - and violence for the hospital staff when the woman/alien goes into labor.

The Last Supper
S01E19 · The Last Supper

Mar 06, 1989

The team act as watchdogs protecting a secret and unprecedented meeting of international alien experts, where they suspect one of them may be an alien.

Vengeance Is Mine
S01E20 · Vengeance Is Mine

Apr 17, 1989

The aliens organise a series of armoured car heists in order to finance the purchase of rubies for their new laser weapons. Meanwhile, Ironhorse is kidnapped by the vengeful husband of a woman Ironhorse had accidentally shot dead while battling an alien raid at a research installation.

My Soul to Keep
S01E21 · My Soul to Keep

Apr 24, 1989

The aliens are forced to move their unborn infants to a refrigeration facility to save them. Meanwhile Suzanne's ex-husband, an investigative journalist appears, seeking to uncover the truth about the Blackwood project.

So Shall Ye Reap
S01E22 · So Shall Ye Reap

May 01, 1989

The team set up in Chicago to investigate a spate of kidnappings but encounter resistance from the local police. Nevertheless they discover a secret cell of alien scientists, who are trying to create a designer drug which turns addicts into frenzied killers.

The Raising of Lazarus
S01E23 · The Raising of Lazarus

May 08, 1989

Near an isolated nuclear research facility an alien scout ship is discovered. As the team arrives and set up their operations, command of the find is handed over to Colonel Alexander and his mysterious Project 9.

The Angel of Death
S01E24 · The Angel of Death

May 15, 1989

A competing alien race sends an assassin to eliminate the invading force and to protect humanity.


War of the Worlds Season 1 (1988) is released on Oct 07, 1988 and the latest season 2 of War of the Worlds is released in 1989. Watch War of the Worlds online - the English Action TV series from United States. War of the Worlds is directed by William Fruet,George Bloomfield,Neill Fearnley,Armand Mastroianni and created by Greg Strangis with Jared Martin and Lynda Mason Green.

As know as:

War of the Worlds(English), War of the Worlds(French), Válka světů, Maailmojen sota II-Jerikon muurit(video box title), War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion


United States, Canada



Production Companies:

Hometown Films, Paramount Television, Ten Four

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