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The Way of the Road
S06E01 · The Way of the Road

Apr 16, 2006

Since out of jail Ricky starts making money in recyclables with Ray. Julian makes a lot of money in jail selling vodka, he uses this money to invest in real estate in the park. Ray has to find a new home when he gets evicted from Sunnyvale.

The Cheeseburger Picnic
S06E02 · The Cheeseburger Picnic

Apr 23, 2006

Randy puts on a Cheeseburger picnic to announce his 'no tolerance' policy towards outstanding lot fees. Ricky promises Julian that he wont ruin Randys picnic, however he finds other ways of disrupting Randys day.

High Definition Piss Jugs
S06E03 · High Definition Piss Jugs

Apr 30, 2006

Channel 10 come to the park to do live segments on local businesses. Bubbles tries hard to promote Kitty land, though it doesn't go well as Ricky also is trying to get air time. Lahey finds out about Rays new abode.

Where in the Fuck Is Oscar Goldman?
S06E04 · Where in the Fuck Is Oscar Goldman?

May 07, 2006

Bubbles starts getting some customers at Kitty Land. Trinity raises a chicken for her science project - Oscar Goldman. Ricky and Bubbles are left in charge, and the chicken escapes. The Boys have to find him before Trinity fails grade 6.

Halloween 1977
S06E05 · Halloween 1977

May 14, 2006

Everyone in the park becomes uneasy about Randy. Randy stays true to his eviction policy - he now evicts J-Roc. Lahey finds illuminating evidence from old footage of the day he lost his badge - he seeks for reinstatement.

Gimme My Fuckin Money or Randy's Dead
S06E06 · Gimme My Fuckin Money or Randy's Dead

May 21, 2006

After Randy refuses to be a character witness at Laheys reinstatement hearing, Lahey turns to Bubbles - for his help Bubbles comes up with a peaceful price. Due to Rickys prank calls, Sam comes to the park to get what he is owed from Randy.


Trailer Park Boys Season 6 (2006) is released on Apr 16, 2006 and the latest season 12 of Trailer Park Boys is released in 2018. Watch Trailer Park Boys online - the English Comedy TV series from Canada. Trailer Park Boys is directed by Mike Clattenburg,Ron Murphy,Cory Bowles,Warren P. Sonoda and created by Mike Smith with John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells.

Trailer Park Boys is about life between prison terms. Always trying to play the angles, always done-in by forces beyond their control, and always in the middle of a gunfight, Ricky and Julian are decent, hard- working guys trying to cope with the New World Economic Order. It's not that the boys don't know right from wrong, it's just that "right" rarely presents itself.

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החבר׳ה מפארק הקרוונים, Момци из ауто-парка, Roskasakki, 公园男孩, 拖车公园男孩





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Foley Walkers Studio, Showcase Television, Topsail Entertainment


There's a new world order at Sunnyvale Trailer Park., Stream now or forever hold your piece (Season 8), Big Plans, Little Brains (seasons 1 and 2), More Brawn, Less Brains (season 3), A Little Less Stable (season 9), Freedom 45 (season 10)

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