Episodes (7)

New Boy
S02E01 · New Boy

Nov 20, 1978

J.G. has gone off to Sunderland and Crawford will need a new lad. Sam is hoping she will get the job. There is a bigger problem than that when a baby is snatched from his pram outside the shop.

Paddy for Champ
S02E02 · Paddy for Champ

Nov 27, 1978

Sam's Whippet dog Paddy goes missing. The paper lads go out searching for him. They find out that someone they know has stolen him so they can race him.

S02E03 · Intruders

Dec 04, 1978

There is a rash of burglaries in the area and the finger is pointed right at Ian and Gog.

A Day to Remember
S02E04 · A Day to Remember

Dec 11, 1978

Crawford takes the lads to the museum and carnival. He spends most of his day chasing them. He slips while looking for Ian and falls over the edge of a cliff.

Presents from Paris
S02E05 · Presents from Paris

Jan 15, 1979

Gog arrives home from a trip to France. Jack spots a crook at the airport that he put away for 10 years. When they all get home, Gog can't find the presents he bought for everyone. His bag has been switched by the crook Jack saw.

It Takes Two to Tango
S02E06 · It Takes Two to Tango

Jan 08, 1979

Baz is looking forward to the Ballroom Dancing Competition. His partner drops him with only a few days to go, claiming that he is too short. His sister Sam puts an ad in the window for a partner for him. The lads did not know he could dance and start teasing him. The night of the dance, he reveals his partner is Sam. After all, she has been practicing with him for years.

The Sailor's Return
S02E07 · The Sailor's Return

Jan 22, 1979

Ian's father comes back from sea and announces he is going to marry his girlfriend. Ian hates living with her while his father is away and is against the wedding.


The Paper Lads Season 2 (1978) is released on Nov 20, 1978 and the latest season 2 of The Paper Lads is released in 1978. Watch The Paper Lads online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The Paper Lads is directed by Derek Martinus,Gerry Mill,John Frankau,Roger Cheveley and created by J.G. Holland with Judith Pyle and Andrew Edwards.

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The Paper Lads


United Kingdom



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Tyne Tees Television

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