The Gambling Scandal

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Season 1

Sep 12, 2022

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The Gambling Scandal (also know as Spelskandalen) is released in 2022. Watch The Gambling Scandal all seasons full episodes online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. The Gambling Scandal is directed by Patrik Eklund,Jens Östberg and created by Dennis Magnusson with Björn Elgerd and Edvin Bredefeldt.

Game and sports fan Bosse from Piteå embarks on a crazy hunt for the big bucks on racetracks, hockey rinks and soccer fields. A fiend for numbers, Bosse is swept into a world of excitement, high risk, shady bookmakers and stormy conditions in pursuit of the big wins. The gambling scandal is inspired by real events and people in the tangle that shook the sports world in the early 90s.