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Good News About Hell
S01E01 · Good News About Hell

Feb 18, 2022

Mark is promoted to lead a team who've had their memories surgically divided between their work and personal lives.

Half Loop
S01E02 · Half Loop

Feb 18, 2022

The team train new hire Helly on macrodata refinement. Mark takes a day off to meet with a mysterious former colleague.

In Perpetuity
S01E03 · In Perpetuity

Feb 25, 2022

Mark takes the team on a field trip, but Helly continues to rebel. A deteriorating Petey struggles to tell Mark about Lumon's misdeeds.

The You You Are
S01E04 · The You You Are

Mar 04, 2022

Irving finds an intriguing book at work. Helly aggressively pursues a meeting with her Outie. Mark attends a funeral with Ms. Selvig.

The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design
S01E05 · The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design

Mar 11, 2022

Irving and Dylan confront Burt about his lies. Mark and Helly discover a strange new department.

Hide and Seek
S01E06 · Hide and Seek

Mar 18, 2022

The team angers Cobel by forming an alliance.

Defiant Jazz
S01E07 · Defiant Jazz

Mar 25, 2022

Mark and the team encounter new security measures from Cobel.

What's for Dinner?
S01E08 · What's for Dinner?

Apr 01, 2022

The team prepares a plan. Mark attends Devon and Ricken's party.

The We We Are
S01E09 · The We We Are

Apr 08, 2022

The team discovers troubling revelations.


Severance Season 1 (2022) is released on Feb 18, 2022 and the latest season 2 of Severance is released in 2022. Watch Severance online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Severance is directed by Ben Stiller,Aoife McArdle and created by Dan Erickson with Adam Scott and Zach Cherry.

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

As know as:

Διαχωρισμός, Разделение, Ruptura, Scissione, Különválás


United States



Stream Service:

Apple TV+

Production Companies:

Endeavor Content, Red Hour Films


Naomi Fry
New Yorker
Stiller, who directed six of the show’s nine episodes, is emerging as a preëminent television auteur.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 20, 2022
John Doyle
Globe and Mail
At once minimalist and epic, an increasingly tense exploration of free-will and corporate sadism. It gains a thriller-like momentum as it moves along, and can be disturbing enough to be nightmarish, yet still maintains a modicum of mischievous wit.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 08, 2022
Robert Levin
It combines the paranoia of a '70s thriller with the dehumanizing vastness of Stanley Kubrick's visionary stories of characters becoming overwhelmed by the environmental forces engulfing them.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 03, 2022

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