Episodes (5)

El Hierro
S01E01 · El Hierro

Aug 19, 2016

YouTube adventurers Ben Brown and Steve Booker set out to redefine the Selfie Generation. For their first Mission, Ben and Steve travel to the least visited island of Spain's Canary Islands - El Hierro.

S01E02 · Berlin

Aug 19, 2016

With Berlin being one the most photographed cities in the world, is it even possible to take a truly unique photo of the city?

S01E03 · Iceland

Aug 19, 2016

Battling harsh weather conditions and limited daylight, Iceland may be the first challenge Ben and Steve cannot overcome.

Isle of Mull
S01E04 · Isle of Mull

Aug 19, 2016

Ben and Steve try wildlife photography for the first time and learn the challenges of having only 48 hours.

S01E05 · Dubai

Aug 19, 2016

Ben and Steve go beyond the glitz and glamour of Dubai and discover the true history and nature of this great city.


Mission Selfie Season 1 (2016) is released on Aug 19, 2016. Watch Mission Selfie online - the English Adventure TV series from United Kingdom. Mission Selfie is directed by Muche Madhovi,Nazleen Karim and created by Lawrence Kao with Steve Booker and Ben Brown. Mission Selfie is available online on Amazon Video and Google Play Movies.

As know as:

Mission Selfie, Mission: Selfie(Working Title), Mission: Selfie


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

The Narrative Digital Studios

Cast & Crew

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