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S01E01 · Pilot

May 10, 2009

Professional meteorite hunters and specialists Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin travel to a top-secret secret site - code named "Alpha" - to search for rare pallasite meteorites. Later, they visit the legendary Brenham, Kansas strewnfield and make a truly amazing discovery. Their expedition ends at the Gemological Institute of America in California, where the guys learn that their finds contain something rare and valuable, and never before seen in a meteorite.

Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater
S01E02 · Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater

Jan 20, 2010

In the first episode of Season One, Steve and Geoff head to the Great White North and investigate the Buzzard Coulee fireball which dropped hundreds of stone meteorites across Saskatchewan, Canada. As winter approaches an unexpected snowstorm forces a sudden change in plan. They move on to northern Alberta and receive a VIP invitation to explore the newly-discovered Whitecourt iron meteorite crater. Later, a visit with Dr. Chris Herd at the University of Alberta in Edmonton confirms the significance of their cold-weather finds.

Odessa Crater
S01E03 · Odessa Crater

Jan 27, 2010

Geoff and Steve arrive at the famous 63,000 year-old meteorite crater near Odessa, Texas with a dazzling array of the very latest hunting equipment: ground penetrating radar, a military bomb detector, and the mighty Rockhound - a go-anywhere amphibious tracked ride that gives new meaning to the phrase "all terrain vehicle." Braving temperatures in excess of 105 degrees, the guys use every trick and tactic in their search for space rocks, and stumble upon a most surprising discovery.

The Tucson Ring Mystery
S01E04 · The Tucson Ring Mystery

Feb 03, 2010

Approximately 63,000 years ago a giant meteorite created one of only two craters in the U.S. that have produced meteorite specimens. Steve and Geoff will be hunting on the land surrounding the crater with their new cutting edge detectors.

The Gold Basin
S01E05 · The Gold Basin

Feb 10, 2010

In 1995, Professor Jim Kriegh discovered a field of thousands of ancient (fossil) stone meteorites, while prospecting for gold. Dr. Kriegh discovered the Gold Basin Meteorite - known as the best mapped strewn field in history.

Dry Lake Bed
S01E06 · Dry Lake Bed

Feb 17, 2010

Geoff and Steve team up with meteorite hunter Sonny Clary and his faithful canine companion, Brix, to hunt meteorites in the Great Basin. Later, they meet with Dr. Garvie after a close call with Area 51.

Ash Creek Fireball
S01E07 · Ash Creek Fireball

Feb 24, 2010

While Steve investigates an office-smashing meteorite in Virginia, Geoff and his Aerolite team track an elusive fireball in heat-ravaged Arizona. Later, the Meteorite Men rendezvous in central Texas at the fall site of the daytime Ash Creek fireball, with fellow hunter Ruben Garcia and Hopper the Meteorite Dog. This action-packed episode ends with a trip to the world famous Tucson gem and mineral show, where the guys offer up some of their finds to help fund future expeditions.


Meteorite Men Season 1 (2010) is released on May 10, 2009 and the latest season 3 of Meteorite Men is released in 2011. Watch Meteorite Men online - the English Adventure TV series from United States. Meteorite Men is directed by Jeffrey A. Fisher,Kathy Williamson and created by Jan Kimbrough with Geoffrey Notkin and Steve Arnold. Meteorite Men is available online on Curiosity Stream and Pluto TV.

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Meteorite Men, Die Meteoriten-Männer(literal title), Meteoritvadászok


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LMNO Productions

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