Episodes (12)

Koyomi Stone
S01E01 · Koyomi Stone

Jan 10, 2016

April 11th. Tsubasa tells Koyomi that a strange stone is enshrined in small shrine in a flower bed in Naoetsu High School, but she doesn't know why. Koyomi plans to sell this oddity-like story to Meme.

Koyomi Flower
S01E02 · Koyomi Flower

Jan 17, 2016

May 9th. Hitagi tells Koyomi that sometimes she sees a new bouquet of flowers is left on the rooftop of Naoetsu High School. It looks like a scene of an accident, but it has never happened. Hitagi plans to sell this oddity-like story to Meme through Koyomi.

Koyomi Sand
S01E03 · Koyomi Sand

Jan 24, 2016

June 19th. Mayoi tells Koyomi that when she played at a park, she saw sand in a sandbox that looked like a demon's face. He confirms that's a true, and asks Tsubasa why it happens.

Koyomi Water
S01E04 · Koyomi Water

Jan 31, 2016

On a Sunday, the middle of July. Koyomi visits Suruga to clean up her bedroom. Then, she tells him that her father experienced something curious in the bathroom when he was young.

Koyomi Wind
S01E05 · Koyomi Wind

Feb 07, 2016

A day, the beginning of August. Nadeko visits Koyomi to thank him about breaking the curse of snake. They talk about how the incantation circulated among middle school students widely.

Koyomi Tree
S01E06 · Koyomi Tree

Feb 14, 2016

A day, the end of September. There is a tree at the Karate school where Karen attends, but nobody could see the tree until recently. Most of students want to cut down the tree due to fear, but Karen opposes their demand. She asks Koyomi for his advice.

Koyomi Tea
S01E07 · Koyomi Tea

Feb 21, 2016

A weekday in October. Tsukihi vents her frustration on Koyomi. --- The students in tea-ceremony club began to say that they sometimes feel the presence a ghost in tea-ceremony room at Tsuganoki Middle High School where Koyomi's sisters attend. Tsukihi also belongs to the club, she doesn't believe a ghost that's why she is under stress between her and others.

Koyomi Mountain
S01E08 · Koyomi Mountain

Feb 28, 2016

November 1st. Ougi visits Kita-shirahebi shrine to go up the steep steps with Koyomi. She asks him what kind of technology people used to bring woods to the top of the mountain to build the shrine a long time ago.

Koyomi Torus
S01E09 · Koyomi Torus

Mar 06, 2016

A day of December. When Koyomi is about to eat some doughnuts that Hitagi made, Shinobu wakes up and wants to eat them.

Koyomi Seed
S01E10 · Koyomi Seed

Mar 13, 2016

The afternoon of the day of the national center test of university admissions. Koyomi comes across Yotsugi on the way to home. She asks him for help because she is looking for something which is difficult to find.

Koyomi Nothing
S01E11 · Koyomi Nothing

Mar 20, 2016

A day, the end of February. Koyomi visits Yozuru who lives in Kita-shirahebi shrine now. He asks her to teach her martial arts, because she forbade to use his vampire power.

Koyomi Dead
S01E12 · Koyomi Dead

Mar 27, 2016

The morning of March 13th. He goes to Kita-shirahebi shrine for a walk before going to 2nd stage exam of university admissions. Koyomi happens to meet Izuko at the shrine. She is ready and waiting for an opportunity to start her strategy.


Koyomimonogatari Season 1 (2016) is released on Jan 10, 2016. Watch Koyomimonogatari online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Koyomimonogatari is directed by Tomoyuki Itamura,Akiyuki Shinbô and created by Akiyuki Shinbô with Hiroshi Kamiya and Chiwa Saitô.

As know as:

Koyomimonogatari, 暦物語(Japanese), Истории Коёми, 曆物語





Production Companies:

Aniplex, Kôdansha, SHAFT

Official Site:

Official site (Japan)

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