Episodes (51)

Chô Yôsai e Kyûkô Seyo
S01E01 · Chô Yôsai e Kyûkô Seyo

Feb 02, 1980

When the extra-dimensional forces of the Vader Clan emerge on Earth, a robot dog from an ancient alien civilization reawakens to recruit five youths to fight against them as Denziman.

Hito-kui Shabondama
S01E02 · Hito-kui Shabondama

Feb 09, 1980

After deciding to not join the Denziman after their first victory, Akira becomes attacked by a Vader Monster who gives her a short time to live unless the others can save her.

Abura Jigoku Dai Panikku
S01E03 · Abura Jigoku Dai Panikku

Feb 16, 1980

A Vader Monster causes chaos through the abduction and manipulation of oil tanks, which the Denziman must stop while saving several of Akagi's students.

Bêdâ Mashiro Tsuigeki
S01E04 · Bêdâ Mashiro Tsuigeki

Feb 23, 1980

A plot by Queen Hedrian to kill the beauties of Earth becomes personal for Daigorou when he volunteers his adopted sister to help bring them down.

Kabe ni Ugomeku Akai Doku Hana
S01E05 · Kabe ni Ugomeku Akai Doku Hana

Mar 01, 1980

Akagi tries to protect a dear student of his when his apartment becomes infested with a plant Vader Monster sent to become powerful enough to defeat DaiDenzin.

Akuma Bunshin no Shôjo
S01E06 · Akuma Bunshin no Shôjo

Mar 08, 1980

A girl becomes possessed by a Vader Monster, creating an evil clone that causes terrible things to happen to all it encounters.

Denjisei no Dai Higeki
S01E07 · Denjisei no Dai Higeki

Mar 15, 1980

Hedrian releases a water-corrupting Vader Monster who originally destroyed planet Denzi, forcing the Denziman to stop it so the same fate won't befall Earth.

Hakkotsu Toshi no Daimaô
S01E08 · Hakkotsu Toshi no Daimaô

Mar 22, 1980

A Vader Monster uses its film powers to turn Daigorou and the kids old, forcing the Denziman to stop it from using its abilities on a wider scale.

Shi o Yobu Kaiki Denwa
S01E09 · Shi o Yobu Kaiki Denwa

Mar 29, 1980

An artist known for his disturbing works becomes manipulated by the Vader Clan to take down the critics who had brought him down in the past through a bizarre telephone murder plot.

Mahô Ryôri Daisuki!?
S01E10 · Mahô Ryôri Daisuki!?

Apr 05, 1980

The Denziman must put a stop to a bizarre Vader Clan plot of making children addicted to their special hamburgers that make them repulsed towards beauty and all other food.

Inochi Dorobô o Oe
S01E11 · Inochi Dorobô o Oe

Apr 12, 1980

While trying to save the souls of children taken by a Vader Monster, Akagi becomes captured by the Vader Clan in hopes of trying to discover more about the Denziman.

Kiken na Kodomo Supai
S01E12 · Kiken na Kodomo Supai

Apr 19, 1980

A Vader Monster abducts Yumiko and creates a demonic clone sent to assassinate Akira.

Wareta Niji-iro no Fûsen
S01E13 · Wareta Niji-iro no Fûsen

Apr 26, 1980

A lonely girl befriends a scheming Vader Monster who tries to use her to gain a poisonous gas for the Vader Clan.

Hyakuten-Juku e Oide
S01E14 · Hyakuten-Juku e Oide

May 03, 1980

The Denziman investigate a strange Vader Clan-run cram school where their students all receive perfect test scores but gain a hatred of studying.

Aku no Sono e no Shôtaijô
S01E15 · Aku no Sono e no Shôtaijô

May 10, 1980

Midorikawa discovers a boy brainwashed by a radio program broadcast by the Vader Clan to force kids to commit criminal acts through secret messages.

Netsu Umi no Inbô o Kudake
S01E16 · Netsu Umi no Inbô o Kudake

May 17, 1980

The Denziman travel to Atami in order to save a scientist manipulated by the Vader Clan to develop a deadly bacteria for their usage.

Naku na! Yakyû Kozô
S01E17 · Naku na! Yakyû Kozô

May 24, 1980

When a baseball Vader Monster starts attacking players, a boy tries to use it to get back at a rival who lead to the disabling of his brother.

Nankai ni Saku Roman
S01E18 · Nankai ni Saku Roman

May 31, 1980

Akira must protect a friend of hers who is suddenly changed by a Vader Monster into a legendary creature that can only live in the water.

Watashi no Hoshi no Ôjisama
S01E19 · Watashi no Hoshi no Ôjisama

Jun 07, 1980

The Vader Clan create an illusion-casting Vader Monster that trick a young girl into believing it is a prince from outer space in order to gain her brother's research.

Gorira Shônen Dai Abareru
S01E20 · Gorira Shônen Dai Abareru

Jun 14, 1980

A lazy boy suddenly becomes super-powerful after partaking in a special flower nectar that the Vader Clan needs to empower a dud Vader Monster.

Shinigami Tô o Kôgeki Seyo
S01E21 · Shinigami Tô o Kôgeki Seyo

Jun 21, 1980

Daigorou must save a fellow circus performer after he is lured into joining a bike gang who is being manipulated by the Vader Clan to follow their orders.

Chô Jikan Fushigi Taiken
S01E22 · Chô Jikan Fushigi Taiken

Jun 29, 1980

Midorikawa investigates a Vader Clan plot involving a monster who controls time, putting himself at risk for temporal slips to discover their purpose.

Tenjôura o Aruku Akuma
S01E23 · Tenjôura o Aruku Akuma

Jul 05, 1980

An artist friend of Daigorou's who lives in squalor is infected by a Vader Monster to distribute his filthy habits to other in a Vader plot.

Wana o Haru Kairiki Otoko
S01E24 · Wana o Haru Kairiki Otoko

Jul 12, 1980

A girl is lured into a trap set by a dentistry Vader Monster hoping to ruin her perfect teeth by Hedrian's order.

Tora no Ana wa Tôsô Meiro
S01E25 · Tora no Ana wa Tôsô Meiro

Jul 19, 1980

A Vader Monster possesses a shy girl interested in Kiyama, opening her up while forcing her to lead him to the Denziman's whereabouts.

Denji-hime no Uchû Kyoku
S01E26 · Denji-hime no Uchû Kyoku

Jul 26, 1980

A friend of Midorikawa causes trouble when he creates a new hit song inspired by a melody written by Princess Denzi, which leads to the Vader Clan wanting to destroy its existence.

Akai Kabutomushi Bakudan
S01E27 · Akai Kabutomushi Bakudan

Aug 02, 1980

Two boys make a discovery of a rare group of red rhinoceros beetles that they try to sell to others unknowing of their true purpose as Vader Clan bombs.

Noroi no Kan no Missatsusha
S01E28 · Noroi no Kan no Missatsusha

Aug 09, 1980

The Vader Clan ally with a strange curse caster to eliminate the Denziman, made harder when he becomes interested in making Akira his.

Chônôryoku Keiji no Kyûshû
S01E29 · Chônôryoku Keiji no Kyûshû

Aug 16, 1980

A detective friend of Akagi in from France with amazing foresight abilities is abducted by the Vader Clan to use him to attack and defeat the Denziman.

Kieta Musunda Deta
S01E30 · Kieta Musunda Deta

Aug 23, 1980

A trio of honorable thieves become pursued by both Akagi and the Vader Clan as they try to get their hands on a massive gold treasure locked within an extra-dimensional space.

Mahôtsukai Hijutsu Kassen
S01E31 · Mahôtsukai Hijutsu Kassen

Aug 30, 1980

After a Vader Monster kills her magician father, his daughter decides to take up the art of magic with Daigorou's assistance to further his dream.

Jigoku no Dai Jûgekisen
S01E32 · Jigoku no Dai Jûgekisen

Sep 06, 1980

The Denziman find themselves up against a deadly Vader assassin gunman who tries to target them or take hostages in order to defeat the team.

Kyûketsu Gakki Ressun
S01E33 · Kyûketsu Gakki Ressun

Sep 13, 1980

An aspiring musician is given a Vader Monster saxophone which he uses to try to improve his talent even as it destroys the beautiful art of Japan.

Kanashii Sutego no Monogatari
S01E34 · Kanashii Sutego no Monogatari

Sep 27, 1980

A Vader Monster who arrived on Earth 11 years prior suddenly attacks, leading Midorikawa to discover the bizarre truth about what happened to it and the unexpected connection it gained.

Nazo no Hataori Hime
S01E35 · Nazo no Hataori Hime

Oct 04, 1980

After Akira turns him down, a famed elderly weaver takes in a woman who is actually a Vader Monster distributing a deadly Vader thread that absorbs anyone who wears its clothing.

Yûki Aru Koinu no Shi
S01E36 · Yûki Aru Koinu no Shi

Oct 11, 1980

A puppy Kiyama helps raise becomes key to his rescue after DenziYellow becomes captured by the Vader Clan for a plot to capture and release a destructive gas on the populace.

Banryoku Banriki Maô
S01E37 · Banryoku Banriki Maô

Oct 18, 1980

A calamity-bringing space wanderer comes to Earth to wage war on the Denziman while causing chaos in trying to win the respect of the Vader Clan.

Mugen Ma Sora no Daibôken
S01E38 · Mugen Ma Sora no Daibôken

Oct 25, 1980

When a boy's father becomes captured within the Vader Clan's extra-dimensional prison, he goes in pursuit of them on his own even after alerting the Denziman.

Joô Ikari no Yôma Jutsu
S01E39 · Joô Ikari no Yôma Jutsu

Nov 01, 1980

The Denziman fight to stop the manipulation of people by a Vader Monster delivering Hedrian's magical curses, made worse when Akagi becomes manipulated by her.

Chanpion no Teki
S01E40 · Chanpion no Teki

Nov 08, 1980

When a boxing friend is lured to fight in an underground Vader Clan competition for money, Akagi must enter the ring in order to save him.

Shijô Saidai no Sôryokusen
S01E41 · Shijô Saidai no Sôryokusen

Nov 15, 1980

Kiyama becomes captured by the Vader Clan while trying to track down a Vader Monster using earthquakes to find Denzi Land, forcing the Denziman to perform a drastic strategy to rescue him.

Shônen o Kuu Warui Yume
S01E42 · Shônen o Kuu Warui Yume

Nov 22, 1980

A student of Akira is possessed by a ninjutsu-utilizing Vader Monster using him to possess and use DenziPink for sabotaging the team.

Nazonazo Shichijoku Redi
S01E43 · Nazonazo Shichijoku Redi

Nov 29, 1980

Akira goes undercover in order to root out a Vader Monster abducting champion female beauties to prove itself as the greatest of all.

Fushigi Ranpu Monogatari
S01E44 · Fushigi Ranpu Monogatari

Dec 06, 1980

Daigorou is given a lamp containing a genie that can grant his every wish, not realizing it is actually a Vader Monster seducing him into revealing Denziman's secrets.

Futari Ita Denji-hime
S01E45 · Futari Ita Denji-hime

Dec 13, 1980

Both Akagi and the Vader Clan pursue an ordinary preschool teacher who appears to be the splitting image of Princess Denzi, making both believe she has somehow returned.

Harapeko Jigoku Ekkusu Keikaku
S01E46 · Harapeko Jigoku Ekkusu Keikaku

Dec 20, 1980

A challenge for Santa and several other children to survive in the wilderness becomes aggravated when the Vader Clan strands them and Daigorou without food in the middle of nowhere.

Asahi ni Kieta Ningyo
S01E47 · Asahi ni Kieta Ningyo

Dec 27, 1980

Akagi encounters a mysterious girl on the beach near Denzi Land who wants to be with him on the surface, hiding her true identity while being pursued by the Vader Clan for her true power.

Banriki Maô Hanran
S01E48 · Banriki Maô Hanran

Jan 10, 1981

The Vader Clan's scheme to poison the Denziman with a deadly gas becomes sabotaged when Demon King Banriki decides to use the plot in his own plot to take over the reigns as leader.

Bêdâ-Jô Taiihen
S01E49 · Bêdâ-Jô Taiihen

Jan 17, 1981

General Hedrer fights and defeat the Denziman one after another in hopes of getting a final showdown with Akagi, without realizing the threat that remains within Vader Castle.

Shôgun wa Nido Shinu
S01E50 · Shôgun wa Nido Shinu

Jan 24, 1981

General Hedrer decides to go forth a final time to deal with the Denziman himself, even as Demon King Banriki tries to take full command on controlling the Vader Clan's methods.

Hibike Kibô no Kane yo
S01E51 · Hibike Kibô no Kane yo

Jan 31, 1981

The Denziman must figure a way to stop the power of Demon King Banriki and his Banriki Monster from terrorizing the world, even if they need unlikely assistance to finally bring their battle to an end.


Denshi Sentai Denziman (also know as Denshi Sentai Denjiman) Season 1 (1980) is released on Feb 02, 1980. Watch Denshi Sentai Denziman online - the Japanese Action TV series from Japan. Denshi Sentai Denziman is directed by Kôichi Takemoto,Shigeo Hirota,Yoshiaki Kobayashi,Takafumi Hattori and created by Takashi Ezure with Shin'ichi Yûki and Kenji Ohba.

As know as:

Denshi Sentai Denjiman, 電子戦隊デンジマン, Denshi Sentai Denjiman, Electronic Task Force Denziman, Electronic Squadron Denziman(English, literal English title)





Production Companies:

Marvel Comics, Toei Company

Cast & Crew

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