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Cyberchase: Space Waste Odyssey
S12E01 · Cyberchase: Space Waste Odyssey

Apr 19, 2019

It's Motherboard's birthday and the Cybersquad is having a birthday party to celebrate it.

Giving Thanks Day
S12E02 · Giving Thanks Day

Nov 22, 2019

While shopping at Cornucopia Farm for their Giving Thanks Day feast, the CyberSquad forgets the pumpkins for Jackie's pumpkin pie recipe.

A Camping Conundrum
S12E03 · A Camping Conundrum

Apr 08, 2020

Matt, Inez, Digit, and Jackie are planning a friendship retreat: four epic days of camping in the wilderness on Camptopia.

Hacker Hugs a Tree
S12E04 · Hacker Hugs a Tree

Apr 17, 2020

Who knew Hacker was a nature lover? Seems it all started many Cyber-years ago, when Motherboard banished him to the Northern Frontier.

Missing Bats in Sensible Flats
S12E05 · Missing Bats in Sensible Flats

Apr 17, 2020

Digit's cousin, Brigit, is in a bind. Her flowering cactus plants are not bearing any apple cactus fruit! Brigit thinks she knows what's going on, thanks to a chart of how many bats came to pollinate the cactus flowers.

Soil Turmoil
S12E06 · Soil Turmoil

Apr 17, 2020

Trouble is brewing beneath Serene Greens. Hapo the earthworm needs help underground, but how can the CyberSquad possibly help their minuscule friend?

Water Woes
S12E07 · Water Woes

Apr 17, 2020

It's not easy being the most notorious villain in all of Cyberspace, and Hacker is really stressed out. Buzz and Delete surprise their mess-of-a-stress boss with a blissful day at Mount Bear Fresh Water Spa.

Composting in the Clutch
S12E08 · Composting in the Clutch

May 08, 2020

All bets are off when Hacker stumbles upon the secret location of the "Program Proliferator"-a piece of hardware capable of reprogramming Motherboard's operating system. It's buried right under Dingerville Park.

Journey of a Thousand Food Miles
S12E09 · Journey of a Thousand Food Miles

May 08, 2020

Castleblanca's most famous food critic, Bone Appetit, is coming to Digit's restaurant, and Digit must make a meal that's out-of-this-world.

Pursuit of the Prism of Power
S12E10 · Pursuit of the Prism of Power

May 08, 2020

Hacker has stolen the Prism of Power-a vital piece of Motherboard's Operating System.

A Garden Grows in Botlyn
S12E11 · A Garden Grows in Botlyn

Feb 14, 2020

It's Valentine's Day, and borgs from cybersite Botlyn are enjoying the Botlyn Botanic Garden. Ren gives the CyberSquad a tour of the garden in preparation for his Valentine's Day party.


Cyberchase Season 12 (2019) is released on Apr 19, 2019 and the latest season 12 of Cyberchase is released in 2019. Watch Cyberchase online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Cyberchase is directed by Larry Jacobs,J. Meeka Stuart,Brandon Lloyd,Jason Groh and created by George Arthur Bloom with Novie Edwards and Annick Obonsawin. Cyberchase is available online on DIRECTV and PBS Kids Amazon Channel.

CYBERCHASE takes kids on a wild ride through cyberspace where they are challenged to use the power of math in a classic good-vs-evil battle. When dastardly villain Hacker (played deliciously by Christopher Lloyd) launches a mad mission to conquer the virtual universe, Motherboard calls upon three Earth kids for help. They are Jackie, Matt and Inez--the heroes of CYBERCHASE--who travel from their real-world realm with wisecracking cyber-bird Digit (comic actor Gilbert Gottfried) to the colorful virtual vistas of cyberspace, where they vanquish the bad guys in an all-out battle of wits. Each episode takes the kids on a thrilling adventure driven by a different math concept--from tackling time in ancient Egyptian tombs, to cracking codes in creepy caves, or making sense of numbers in a fractured fairy tale world. In their quest, the heroes use minds, not muscles, to overcome obstacles and danger everywhere. Every episode of CYBERCHASE concludes with a "For Real" live action segment in which a young comic actor encounters a situation which reinforces the math concept explored in the animated storyline.

As know as:

Cyberchase, Cyberchase: călătorii în lumea, Кибергонка, Aventuras no Ciberespaço, Odiseea virtuală


Canada, United States



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Nelvana, Thirteen/WNET Communications Group, Educational Broadcasting Corporation


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