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The Circus
S01E01 · The Circus

Oct 10, 2003

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be fired out of a cannon? Or how an elephant combats stage fright or a performing seal masters the art of the French horn? Well, here's your chance to find out, as a motley crew of circus animals lift the lid on life under the big top.

Pets at the Vets
S01E02 · Pets at the Vets

Oct 17, 2003

A Piranha with toothache, a pig with sunstroke, a performing dog with an aversion to feet, and a monkey who loves intrusive injections. Take a peek behind the surgery door, as under the weather pets vent spleen in the waiting room.

Working Animals
S01E03 · Working Animals

Oct 24, 2003

How does a cockroach multi-task? Where does an owl go to find clerical work? How do guard dogs cope when their timetables are re-arranged, and why do lab rats fear retirement? Find out what our animal friends really think about life under the hand of man.

The Sea
S01E04 · The Sea

Oct 30, 2003

What does a shark do when it's scared of the deep? How does a plankton ride with waves? Can a shrimp hold its breath longer than a jellyfish, and what happens when a walrus gets the bends? Swimming lessons from the experts.

The Garden
S01E05 · The Garden

Nov 06, 2003

Why don't worms like fresh air? Where does a woodpecker go for contemplation? What do slugs think about organic gardening, and when does a pond become a singles bar for frogs? All is revealed when the garden dwellers discuss life in their urban turf.

Feeding Time
S01E06 · Feeding Time

Nov 13, 2003

How does an arthritic seagull get into a bag of crisps? What do oysters do to a bloodhound's brain? Is pet food as tasty as it looks, and if a pigeon ate chicken, would that make it a cannibal? Peel back the lid to discover who visited your dustbin last night.

The Beach
S01E07 · The Beach

Nov 20, 2003

What do starfish think of noise pollution? Can an octopus eat ice creams in a strong wind? Do sea anemones enjoy sharing their pool with strangers, and why do sea lions prefer Whitby to Scarborough? Pull up a deckchair, don the kiss me quick, and let our coastal creatures soothe away the winter blues.

The Pet Shop
S01E08 · The Pet Shop

Nov 27, 2003

Are squeaky toys degrading to dogs? How much does a goldfish think its worth? Do chameleons suffer from self image problems, and why do stick insects make better conversationalists than spaniels? Potential pets face their fear of being left on the shelf.

What's It All About?
S01E09 · What's It All About?

Dec 04, 2003

What came first, the diplodocus, or the sparrow? Did slugs emerge from volcanos, and how does a domestic cat feel about crawling from the primordial ooze? Join a grab bag of nature's finest as they try to work out where they came from.

Being a Bird
S01E10 · Being a Bird

Dec 04, 2003

What makes a bird stay in the air? How does the homing instinct work, and what happens when a pigeon falls through a skylight? All this and more, as our feathered friends reveal the ups and downs of life in the sky.

Is Anyone Out There?
S01E11 · Is Anyone Out There?

Dec 11, 2003

Who are the little green men and why do they want to holiday here? Take a journey into the unexpected, as our interstellar friends wrestle with postman etiquette, and the weather.

Cats or Dogs?
S01E12 · Cats or Dogs?

Dec 18, 2003

What do dogs think about crufts? Do cats like cuddles, and who makes the better burglar alarm? Take a ringside seat as the two most popular pets go head to head in a battle that's raged for centuries.

Merry Christmas
S01E13 · Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2003

Why does a guide dog pursue a caretaker, and what do reindeer think of Santa? Why do hamsters dread chemistry sets, and what do mice think of mince pies? Christmas is for all animals not just for dogs!


Creature Comforts Season 1 (2003) is released on Oct 10, 2003 and the latest season 2 of Creature Comforts is released in 2005. Watch Creature Comforts online - the English Animation TV series from United Kingdom. Creature Comforts is directed by Richard Starzak and created by Nick Park with The Great British Public and David Rafique.

As know as:

Interviste mai viste, В мире животных, Creature Comforts, Criatura Confortável, Eläimellistä menoa


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Aardman Animations

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