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S05E01 · Repilot

Jan 02, 2014

Having failed in his second go-round as a lawyer, and unable to gather evidence for a potential lawsuit against Greendale, Jeff tries to convince the other former members of the Study Group to sue the school.

Introduction to Teaching
S05E02 · Introduction to Teaching

Jan 02, 2014

Jeff blows off his new teaching job at Greendale until Annie signs up for his class and forces him to teach, and Abed loses his religion when he takes a course about whether Nicolas Cage is good or bad.

Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
S05E03 · Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

Jan 09, 2014

The college is imbued with panic when an unidentified person returns to dropping coins down people's butts and Annie takes it upon herself to find out who is behind it all.

Cooperative Polygraphy
S05E04 · Cooperative Polygraphy

Jan 16, 2014

After Pierce's unexpected passing, a team of investigators headed by the no-nonsense Mr. Stone arrives at Greendale to subject the study group to lie detector tests before they can be considered for distributions under the will.

Geothermal Escapism
S05E05 · Geothermal Escapism

Jan 23, 2014

As a going-away present to Troy before his around-the-world trip, Abed sets up a high-stakes game of "Hot Lava" at the college, but Britta suspects that the game is just masking his real feelings about Troy's departure.

Analysis of Cork-Based Networking
S05E06 · Analysis of Cork-Based Networking

Jan 30, 2014

Annie and Hickey fight Greendale bureaucracy to install a bulletin board, Abed learns a lesson about sign language, and the others discover the challenges of planning a properly sensitive school dance.

Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality
S05E07 · Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality

Feb 27, 2014

Jeff helps Duncan score a date with Britta, and Abed has a Hickey encounter on his way to the movie theater.

App Development and Condiments
S05E08 · App Development and Condiments

Mar 06, 2014

When a new app is beta tested on Greendale students, the campus soon descends into a dystopian society where status is determined by app standing.

VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing
S05E09 · VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

Mar 13, 2014

Whilst cleaning the storage room Jeff, Hickey and Shirley find a pile of unused hidden textbooks and plot a way to make the best out of it. Meanwhile, Annie and Abed are trying to find a new roommate.

Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
S05E10 · Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Mar 20, 2014

The group proposes a "sequel" to Dungeons & Dragons night when they need to get a skeptical professor Hickey to bond with his estranged son.

G.I. Jeff
S05E11 · G.I. Jeff

Apr 03, 2014

The entire group becomes part of the cast of a classic "G.I. Joe" cartoon from the 1980s, which turns out to be part of Jeff's coping mechanism as he deals with a monumental life event.

Basic Story
S05E12 · Basic Story

Apr 10, 2014

After a liability audit, the Save Greendale Committee discovered that they have, in fact, saved Greendale - until they discover that as a result of the successful audit, the school is being sold to Subway.

Basic Sandwich
S05E13 · Basic Sandwich

Apr 17, 2014

When the group learns about Greendale's first dean, they embark on a mission to find his old computer lab; Subway enlists Chang to spy on the group as part of its plan to take over the school.


Community Season 5 (2014) is released on Jan 02, 2014 and the latest season 6 of Community is released in 2015. Watch Community online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Community is directed by Tristram Shapeero,Joe Russo,Anthony Russo,Rob Schrab and created by Dan Harmon with Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs. Community is available online on Netflix and Hulu.

A former lawyer attends a community college when it is discovered he faked his Bachelor's degree. In an attempt to get with a student in his Spanish class, he forms a Spanish study group. To his surprise, more people attend the study group and the group of misfits form an unlikely community.

As know as:

Späť do školy, 커뮤니티, Zpátky do skoly, Studenti part-time, Колеж "Грийндейл"


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Krasnoff Foster Productions, Harmonius Claptrap, AGBO

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Mastering the B.S. degree at community college., Class uncancelled


Emily Nussbaum
New Yorker
When it is firing on all cylinders, it feels like the perfect blend of the surprising and the familiar: something old, something new, something borrowed, and definitely something blue.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 12, 2019
Josh Gondelman
New York Magazine/Vulture
This season seems content to let the characters' lives drive the action... Fewer goofy capers and mysteries. More community college problems.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 12, 2019
Willa Paskin
Harmon is vindicated and triumphant, but also still pretty torn up about everything. Community is no longer a zombie, but the new episodes feel plenty funereal.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 12, 2019

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