Episodes (22)

Once Upon a Time in the City of New York
S01E01 · Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Jan 01, 1987

Attacked, mutilated and left for dead, Catherine Chandler is rescued by the mysterious man-beast called Vincent.

Terrible Savior
S01E02 · Terrible Savior

Oct 02, 1987

Witness descriptions of a vigilante lead Catherine to fear Vincent may be a killer.

S01E03 · Siege

Oct 09, 1987

Vincent helps the residents of an apartment building defend their homes against thugs who want them out so the land can be re-developed.

No Way Down
S01E04 · No Way Down

Oct 16, 1987

Injured in an explosion, Vincent is captured by a vicious street gang.

S01E05 · Masques

Oct 30, 1987

Free to walk the streets openly on Halloween, Vincent becomes the guardian of an Irish peace activist who's been targeted for assassination.

Beast Within
S01E06 · Beast Within

Nov 06, 1987

Vincent must choose loyalties when a childhood friend becomes a mob enforcer.

Nor Iron Bars a Cage
S01E07 · Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Nov 13, 1987

Accidentally caught on film, Vincent become the target of a scientist desperate to learn the truth about him.

Song of Orpheus
S01E08 · Song of Orpheus

Nov 20, 1987

When Father ventures to the Above World for the first time in decades, he is arrested for murder. Vincent and Catherine must delve into Father's mysterious past to uncover the truth.

Dark Spirit
S01E09 · Dark Spirit

Nov 27, 1987

Investigating a mysterious death makes Catherine the target of a voodoo cult.

A Children's Story
S01E10 · A Children's Story

Dec 04, 1987

Catherine learns that the city's model foster home for children is hiding a dark secret.

An Impossible Silence
S01E11 · An Impossible Silence

Dec 18, 1987

When she witnesses a shooting, a deaf girl must decide whether to abandon the sanctuary of the City Below to free an innocent man.

Shades of Grey
S01E12 · Shades of Grey

Jan 08, 1988

Mouse makes his first appearance - and is quickly shunned by the Family of tunnel folk for thievery. But shortly after Mouse's month-long period of silence begins, Father and Vincent get trapped under ground, Father is seriously hurt, and no one can figure how to get them out. Up Top, Catherine has dealings with Elliot Berch again - and he manages to worm his way back into her life. Everyone learns that things aren't quite as Black & White as they might like them to be.

China Moon
S01E13 · China Moon

Jan 15, 1988

Vincent and Catherine help a Chinatown beauty avoid an arranged marriage by escaping underground.

The Alchemist
S01E14 · The Alchemist

Jan 22, 1988

Catherine has reason to believe that a new drug on the streets is being supplied by someone from Vincent's world.

S01E15 · Temptation

Feb 05, 1988

A beautiful attorney seduces Catherine's boss, Joe Maxwell, creating a serious conflict of interest.

Promises of Someday
S01E16 · Promises of Someday

Feb 12, 1988

Catherine is disturbed when she begins to suspect the new attorney in her office is a fraud... and more disturbed when she finds him looking for the entrance to Vincent's world.

Down to a Sunless Sea
S01E17 · Down to a Sunless Sea

Feb 19, 1988

Catherine fails to heed Vincent's warnings about her dangerous former law-school beau.

S01E18 · Fever

Feb 26, 1988

After Mouse discovers a treasure-filled ship buried beneath the city, Vincent's world is filled with greed and strife.

Everything Is Everything
S01E19 · Everything Is Everything

Mar 04, 1988

A Romani boy clears his father's name and regains the love and trust of his grandparents with Vincent and Catherine's help.

To Reign in Hell
S01E20 · To Reign in Hell

Mar 18, 1988

Vincent prepares for a battle to the death after Catherine is kidnapped by a giant warrior.

S01E21 · Ozymandias

Apr 01, 1988

Vincent's world Below is threatened by a massive tower being built by Elliot Burch, a former suitor of Catherine's. She agrees to marry Burch on the condition that he halt construction.

A Happy Life
S01E22 · A Happy Life

Apr 08, 1988

Catherine and Vincent are forced to question if they could ever be truly happy together.


Beauty and the Beast Season 1 (1987) is released on Jan 01, 1987 and the latest season 3 of Beauty and the Beast is released in 1989. Watch Beauty and the Beast online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Beauty and the Beast is directed by Victor Lobl,Gus Trikonis,Thomas J. Wright,Christopher Leitch and created by Ron Koslow with Ron Perlman and Roy Dotrice.

As know as:

Beauty and the Beast(French), La belle et la bête(French, video box title), Die Schöne und das Biest, Beauty and the Beast, La bella y la bestia


United States



Production Companies:

Witt/Thomas Productions, Republic Pictures (II)

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