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No Stone Unturned
S02E01 · No Stone Unturned

Oct 03, 1973

Discord at a museum when Man in Harmony, an 11' tall, 3-ton stone sculpture, disappears at its own unveiling. Banacek has two days to find out who walked off with it.

If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is?
S02E02 · If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is?

Nov 07, 1973

A rich hypochondriac boils over when her multi-million dollar, custom-designed, diagnostic hospital computer disappears behind its electric fence overnight.

The Three Million Dollar Piracy
S02E03 · The Three Million Dollar Piracy

Nov 21, 1973

A $3,000,000 royal wedding coach disappears from its shipping container, leaving only an approximate 12" square hole behind. Enter Banacek to make sense of it.

The Vanishing Chalice
S02E04 · The Vanishing Chalice

Jan 15, 1974

When a priceless Greek chalice vanishes at a special preview before a select crowd, Cavanaugh hires Banacek to retrieve it, but with one string attached: Carlie Kirkland becomes his aide.

Horse of a Slightly Different Color
S02E05 · Horse of a Slightly Different Color

Jan 22, 1974

Oxford Don - currently THE most valuable race horse in the country - returns from his pre-race morning run a completely different horse. His new owner demands Banacek.

Rocket to Oblivion
S02E06 · Rocket to Oblivion

Feb 12, 1974

The little prototype rocket engine that could outperform standard, larger engines disappears while exhibited in a science and industry expo. Tempers, already burning, flair.

Fly Me- If You Can Find Me
S02E07 · Fly Me- If You Can Find Me

Feb 19, 1974

A jetliner blows its tires as it emergency lands in a middle-of-nowhere kind of small Nevada town. Through crippled, by dawn it's completely gone, and the pilot on guard duty dead. Banacek flies out to find the missing plane.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't
S02E08 · Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Mar 12, 1974

A stage magician vanishes in the middle of his act, as he is about to be arrested on suspicion of a $1,750,000 securities fraud. Banacek is called in to try to recover the missing money and solve the mystery of the disappearing man.


Banacek Season 2 (1973) is released on Oct 03, 1973 and the latest season 2 of Banacek is released in 1973. Watch Banacek online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Banacek is directed by Bernard L. Kowalski,Richard T. Heffron,Jack Smight,Andrew V. McLaglen and created by Anthony Wilson with George Peppard and Ralph Manza.

As know as:

Banacek: Kova kyttä(video box title), Баначек, Banacek, Banacek(English), Banacek(French)


United States



Production Companies:

Universal Television

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