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Sole Custody full movie is released on Aug 16, 2014. Watch Sole Custody online - the English Thriller movie from United States. Sole Custody is directed by Brenton Spencer and created by Gary E. Imhoff with Julie Benz and Rick Ravanello. Sole Custody is available online on Plex and Freevee Amazon Channel.

Zoey and Barry Loson, parents to first grader Timmy Loson, are both detectives with the Brantford Mills PD. Zoey, head of the cyber crime unit, and her team are working on a case to capture a serial rapist who lures his young female victims through the Internet, while Barry, who works shifts allowing one of he or Zoey to be at home to look after Timmy, works plain clothes often undercover. Barry is feeling both stress and dissatisfaction with his life due to a combination of work issues and family obligations and commitments. Despite their problems, Zoey and Barry love each other and love Timmy. However, Zoey, discovering some lies by Barry to cover up what she ultimately sees with her own eyes is marital infidelity, files for divorce and sole custody of Timmy, in the process locking Barry out of the house and out of her and Timmy's lives. Tragedy occurs when Zoey and Timmy are asleep at home for the night, and a massive fire blazes through the house, killing Timmy in the process. In the midst of her grief, Zoey eventually finds out that the official report places the entire blame of the fire on her, she charged not only with arson but with murder of her son. She knows that she did not start the fire as stated in the report, the evidence discovered not true. As Barry in turn abandons her in blaming her for killing Timmy, Zoey slowly begins to believe, based on evidence of her own, not only that she was set-up by Barry, but that he is on the run with a still alive Timmy, the dead boy's body pulled from fire being that of another child who was killed in a case handled by Barry. With Zoey formally charged and in custody, she has to find a way to gather conclusive evidence of what she knows to be the truth against the overwhelming evidence against her.

As know as:

Sole Custody, Значка на предателството, El peso de la traición, Le Pire des mensonges, İhanet Nişanı

Release Date (Streaming):

Nov 25, 2014


United States



Production Companies:

Johnson Production Group, Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II

Cast & Crew

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