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War is everywhere in the world; east, west, north, south. The war is always valued over the people who die. But the struggle of the people who survived will continue. Thousands of people are losing their lives and leave behind their relatives. Burying dead and grieving in response to a loss is holy to the societies. This grieving period is a recovery period.Normal grieving allows to let a loved one go and keep on living in a healthy way. Grieving is painful, and it's important that those who have suffered a loss be allowed to express their grief. But if they can not express it, it can be to a never-ending melancholy and a social pathology. In communities that have been exposed to mass trauma, this pathology is gradually increasing in time and the generations entering a never end grief period. Janya is a symbol of societies that have not completed the ritual of grief. In the project "Salvation Rain" I first wanted to complete a personal then a communal grief period.

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Dec 31, 2022


Turkey, Germany



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AVA Film

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