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In the heart of the mountain, an elusive and invisible observer witnesses an infamous spectacle. His voice comments on the sequence of events in the words of Nietzsche. In this splendid mountain landscape, a couple appears. Spenta, the man, and Angra, the woman, climb a steep peak. They wear similar clothes, their resemblance is amazing, their relationship is strange. To outsmart boredom Angra drags Spenta, initially unenthusiastic, into a game that he eventually gives in. From the top, the couple watches a marathon event that takes place in the valley. Angra, who is looking for an object of entertainment, has her sights set on a woman running through the crowd. Possessed, she courted the unknown and obtained her favors. She then manages to drag Spenta into her game. In this game, there will be no winner.

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Release Date:

Jan 01, 2023


France, Germany, Austria


German, French

Production Companies:

Chrysopras Films, The Hot Line, Aroma

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