National Treasure: Edge of History

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Season 1

Dec 14, 2022

At the heart of this race-to-the-finish mystery is a family story of loss, love, and liberty. Jess Valenzuela must find herself by discovering her past and unearthing the relic she recalls her father speaking about. Luckily she’s not alone in her task. Roaming across the Americas with her friends in tow, the DREAMer is after the map, the clues, the codes, and the codices. On her tail is the black market antiquities dealer Billie Pearce, who has her eyes trained on the same treasure. The group will have to be cunning and clever to overcome the experienced relic-hunter but they have one thing on their side: Jess Valenzuela.

Cast & Crew


Lisette Olivera stars as Jess Valenzuela, an adventurous 20-year-old Dreamer who, along with the help of her friends, sets off on a journey to recover lost Pan-American treasures from around the globe, while uncovering family secrets along the way.

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