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PADRE PIO: Stigmata on a Canadian culture We examine the controversial life of the iconic Italian Saint; Padre Pio, and how his legacy has become a corner-stone of Catholicism to Italo-Canadians. Known around the globe as simply "Padre Pio," Saint Pio of Pietrelcina has been called one of the "most active" saints in the Church, and continues to work miracles for those who pray through his intercession. Throughout his life, Padre Pio was known as a mystic who experienced the stigmata for 50 years. Many miracles and wonders have been attributed to him, including reports of healing, soul-reading, levitation and even bi-location. This documentary will tell the story of Padre Pio and his growing influence in Canada. It is not a film on belief or non-belief, but a story that will allow a person to remain fascinated over the workings of another human being. Padre Pio was above all a philanthropist who founded one of the most important hospitals in Italy. We will examine the life of the saint and dwell into the controversy that surrounded his stigmata. We will examine medical records, interview physicians, and church clergy in an attempt to bring closure to the claims against his beatific gift. Through narration and raw footage that we have been granted, we will bring forth the making of a modern day saint. "In Italy, where his portrait can be spotted in taxis, dry cleaners, post offices and fashion boutiques, he sells more magazines than the late Princess of Wales. Sightings of Padre Pio are reported more often than U.F.O.'s - His is a vast, worldwide following that blends medieval piety with a kind of modern cult celebrity, and commercialism, usually associated with Elvis Presley." -The New York Times-

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Sep 09, 2022





Production Companies:

Rebellion Films, Sarracco Studios
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