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Srilankan Government made Sinhala as the only official language in Srilanka, discriminating Tamil minorities. Srilankan Government and Tamil politicians signed a pact to have Tamil as the official language in North and East provinces where Tamils are the majority. But, Sinhala Buddhists did not like the idea of Tamil getting the official status. A Buddhist monk kills Srilankan PM Bandaranaike. Sinhalese mobs attack minority Tamils. Pogrom unleashed. Prabhakaran as a child was affected by the racism and riots. Tamils continue Sathyagraha Non-violence protests under the leadership of Selvanayagam, a Gandhian leader. At the time, Tamils asked for permission to conduct a Tamil Seminar in Jaffna. Alfred Duraiappa refused permission under the pressure of then Srilanka PM Srimavo Bandaranaike and Buddhist fundamentalists. But, Tamil seminar was conducted by Tamils. Police force attacks Tamils. Nine Tamils were killed at the spot. Prabhakaran, now a teenager feels that Non-violence protests are failing and joins groups which believed on strong protests. Srilanka Government passes a bill which discourage Tamils from joining Higher education. Tamil Students protested. Student leaders were arrested, tortured and killed by police force. Prabhakaran with his friends plans to take revenge for the atrocities committed by Srilanka Government. What happens thereafter is the climax.

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Release Date:

Jun 25, 2021




Tamil, Sinhala

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Methagu Thiraikkalam

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Production House Link

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