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Episode 1: Racehorses Syndrome. In the pilot episode you'll meet Grace, an expert in the field of re-entry, along with six formerly incarcerated men, four of whom served life sentences and all of whom are living life successfully on the outside. During the entire series they'll work with Grace to address the fundamental needs for transitioning out of prison and give concrete tools for rebuilding a life on the outside. The term "Racehorse Syndrome" defines a mindset of ideas and stresses around what life will be like once you're released from prison. Episode 2: Are You Done? Episode 3: Cold Water and Adrenaline Addiction. Episode 4: Life is a practice. Episode 5: The Brain and Why so many fall before 25. Episode 6: Trauma and Resilience. Episode 7: The Power of Story. Episode 8: Getting My Humanity. Back Episode 9: Climb your own mountain. Episode 10: I love you, but. Episode 11: Core Values. Episode 12: Mindset: Growth vs. Fixed. Episode 13: Entrepreneurial Mindset. Episode 14: Suggestions from the Outside.

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Nov 25, 2019


United States



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The Agency Media Group
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