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Director Mikel Cee Karlsson is working on a film with and about his best friend Mathias - a young father who one day reveals that he is living a double life. Circumstances have driven Mathias into a criminal underworld where debts seem impossible to pay off. In a spiral of threats, lies and violence, Mathias is desperately looking for a way out. When things finally seem to look up for him, the pressure he has lived under for several years has fatal consequences, leaving Mikel forced to make crucial decisions about the film he is working on. Fraemling is a distinct counterimage to conventional portrayals of violence and criminality. Through documentary footage, interviews and re-enacted scenes, Mikel shapes a story about the thin line between victim and offender in a dog-eat-dog world. A film about close friendship, deafening silence and becoming someone you never wanted to be.

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Release Date:

Oct 11, 2019


Sweden, Finland



Production Companies:

Oy Bufo Ab, Plattform Produktion
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