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Malorie, a 25 year-old woman, escapes from a psychiatric clinic where she has been held for a few weeks. She decides to breakout with her roommate, Danny and a nurse's help. During her stay at the hospital, Malorie has recurring hallucinations. However, the visions are attributed to the schizophrenic episodes she has been having since the day she was locked away. The only information she has about the reason for her confinement is the one the authorities reported to her: they found her soaking wet, frantic and in a state of shock in a near town. Sylvia, the nurse, injects her with a liquid that knocks her out and tries to rape her, but Malories suddenly wakes up and flees. After walking for miles, Malorie ends up in Fortuna Lake at Susan's -her best friend- summerhouse with whom she was the night of her blackout and who, she later finds out, is missing. In this remote place, she meets Jared, a mysterious and lonely next-door neighbor who aids her evade the people that are hunting her down. With his help, she will try to recover some of the clarity she has lost in the last few weeks, understand the obscure hallucinations that hunt her and discover their relationship to Susan's disappearance.

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Feb 21, 2019


Colombia, United States



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Boonet, Letrario, Proyectil

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