Divine Women full movie is released on Feb 10, 2020. Watch Divine Women online - the English Documentary movie from Australia. Divine Women is directed by Lucas Jatoba and created by Lucas Jatoba with Ellen Lucy and .

For thousand of years a corrupt and patriarchal society has led humanity into a path of imbalance and self-destruction. It is now time for the Divine Feminine to return to its true place in power. "Divine Women" is a documentary series explaining the shift in consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine energy that our society is currently experiencing, told from the perspective of spiritual teachers who are pathing the way for a new paradigm on planet Earth. Each of the 7 episodes will feature the incredible life story and work of one extraordinary woman. The battle between light and darkness in their own lives becomes the spine of each episode, as the protagonists will share how their multidimensional adventures have transformed who they are and taken their consciousness to a new level whilst using their personal experiences as a platform to share their wisdom and knowledge. Some of the topics discussed throughout the series will include spirituality, multidimensionality, the Divine Feminine and Masculine energy, ancient wisdom, light and darkness, alternative healing, feminine leadership, self-empowerment, belief systems, higher consciousness, spirit guides, psychic abilities and spiritual awakening.

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