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2018. Luanco, municipality of Gozón (Principality of Asturias; northwest to Spain). At 87, Cuca is an old woman with a life full of experiences to tell. Born and raised in the fishing village as Josefina Carrera Fernández, "Cuca" is a local celeb in the town and living memory of an age lost in time who shares to camera her life, achievements and her personal points of view about her own memories as well as the difference between her youth times with the Spain of the 21st century. Working being child in a Spain of poverty, misery, hunger and ruins after Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) to help her family, Cuca divides her time between her personal life with her husband from sixty-something years ago Manuel and her two sons, Carlos and Juan (talking with them about their family ancestors and the way to live at those times), as her past and present multiple jobs as cook making marañuelas (a typical Asturian candy), traveling at young by Europa in a women chorus to dance and sing folk songs, and sewing tablecloths in the Luanco's Women Workshop with her lifelong friends. Tireless worker, charming, funny, loudmouth, free-spirited, devout catholic, lover fan of Real Oviedo Soccer Club and totally unpredictable, Cuca is an accurate portrait about the Spain in the years of Franco's dictatorship, of a society and a way to life vanished decades ago, as too a lesson of effort, tenacity, passion, love and hope, despite having failing kidneys and even after has been recently diagnosed with leukemia.

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Nov 19, 2019





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Médula Producciones, RTPA

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