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Rahabi has an acapella music group called Rujak Acapella. It consists of friends with different backgrounds. Hitu, who aspires to be a Banser because they once helped his family during a riot in Ambon. Markus, a Christian Chinese descendant, Sayid , A Muhammadiyah Muslim who wants to be a novelist and Tiara, a girl who has a crush on Rahabi, Rahabi's father, Syamsul, is in an Islamic Militia Organization known as Banser. He spends a lot of time in the organization that he barely has any time for his family. Rahabi takes responsibility to pay for her sister study, so he needs to be successful. Filled with strong determination and ambition, Rahabi aims to have an album release. Aldi, a music producer, offers Rujak Acapella a record deal with one condition; Aisha has to be in it. She used to be a famous teen singer but decided to stop. In order to get Aisha to join the group, Rahabi is willing to do anything she says. She gives him a task to interview Melinda, a lecturer who had just been let go because of hate speech accusation. Not once did Rahabi thought that he would become a hard-line Muslim, but without realizing, he slowly becomes one. His friends and family, of course, take notice. Given this situation, Rahabi has to take action even if it means letting go of his only opportunity to success.

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Release Date:

Apr 11, 2019





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Inspiration Pictures, Ideosource Entertainment, Astro Shaw
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