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How can a loving marriage fall apart so fast and so tragically? Lanie Simmons believed that she married her superhero. Troy Simmons once represented his position as Lanie's husband and protector with honor, integrity, and service. When traces of infidelity, deceit, and manipulation dominate this union, Lanie believes there is nothing left to fight for in the relationship until she realizes that she may be in the fight for her life. From a confident corporate female executive navigating negotiations in major deals in the office to finding herself lacking self-confidence and control at home, Lanie learns it may take more than just guts and grit to escape this marriage alive from her police-officer husband. How far will Troy go to twist the law to ensure Lanie does not escape his powerful grasp? Experience Lanie's riveting story of strength and survival in this heart palpitating thriller, Beyond The Blue.

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Release Date:

Aug 21, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

5930 Productions, 5 Shorts Project
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