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Afraid of Nothing. A search for Relevance. 100 billion souls have passed before us. Where do they go? Today, more people believe in an afterlife than believe in God. This experimental documentary views what happens next through a different lens. Shaman. Seeker. Astronomer. EVP Expert. Ghost Hunter. Psychic. Past Life Regressionist. Witch. Thanatologist. You'll meet them all as they share their unique insights and experiences about consciousness, quantum mechanics and the paranormal. This 90-minute documentary explores the Big Bang, demons, electronic voice phenomena, ghosts, psychics, reincarnation, time slips, "inner vs. outer reality", spooky science and the famous double slit experiment - as well as what real people experience "on the other side" and what they believe happens after we take our last mortal breath. What happens when we die? Is there nothing? Or nothing to fear? And why are we here? The answers are around us. If we only open our minds and our eyes.

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Release Date:

Feb 12, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Ironic Apple Films
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