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The song is titled "Ae mere Des - Vande Mataram" and it is an inspiring youth song of India, giving cool vibes about the nation. The song portrays the young man exploring the beautiful places of India and feeling each of them. It also invokes in the youth to do something really great for our country. "Ae mere des" is a song about feeling your nation in precise. A young man starts on a journey to see and discover beauty of India. He walks, runs, rides across beautiful places like green fields, mountains and roads, mingle with Indian people sharing joy, sees dance and culture. He feels every aspect of the place he visits and understands the greatness. And the song so portrays traveling and exploring in much subtle way. India is much soulful with its good people and art and this is what been shown in the song. The song has an aura of only positive and good things about India. It will invoke a feeling among youth to travel more and discover true India.

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Release Date:

Jan 21, 2019





Production Companies:

AVK Entertainment, Nikhil Khamkar Films, Swati Khopkar
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