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3x13 stands out as an emotionally and visually compelling testament to the human spirit. The film shows the unique power of dance to tell stories of many who would be voiceless. King has gathered 12 dancers from eight countries, speaking five languages in the film, and each creating a three-minute personal short story of a transformative experience in their lives. Each dancer performs in their locale and narrates in their own language with a viewer's option for English or Arabic subtitles. The dancers also film on their own phones. Their gripping narratives portray childhood trauma, parenthood, exile, loss, racial, ethnic and gender aggression, and an embrace of dance as a life's calling, an embrace clearly shared by all 12.

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Release Date:

Feb 18, 2021


United States, Occupied Palestinian Territory


English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Korean

Production Companies:

Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre

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