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'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1
S02E01 · 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1

Oct 23, 1993

Jean and Scott get married. Newly elected President Kelly has freed Beast who has been incarcerated since the attack on government facility at the beginning of Season 1 and added him as part of his Presidential cabinet. Another friend who was thought to be dead at the same incident has resurfaced, but this time he's not so friendly. With the President's newly found pro-mutant point of view, the public feels betrayed are reacting with violence.

'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2
S02E02 · 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2

Oct 30, 1993

Scott and Jean are on their way to a secluded island for their honeymoon, but gets cut short by Mister Sinister. As Morph continues with his plans of revenge against the X-Men, he starts losing his motivation. But Mister Sinister makes sure he finishes what he started. The Friends of Humanity have began to rally.

Whatever It Takes
S02E03 · Whatever It Takes

Nov 06, 1993

Storm recovers from her injuries and returns to her duty as leader of the X-Men. When a tear in the astral plane appears in Africa, Storm goes there to investigate. It just so happens that the tear is in her home village. Meanwhile Xavier and Magneto are lured to the Savage Land in Antarctica and Wolverine continues his search for Morph.

Red Dawn
S02E04 · Red Dawn

Nov 13, 1993

Colossus returns home to Russia with Jubilee by his side. They are confronted by a newly revived Russian, life force absorbing, super soldier from the cold war, named Omega Red, who has a bad history with Wolverine. Xavier and Magneto continue their treacherous journey through the Savage Land.

Repo Man
S02E05 · Repo Man

Nov 20, 1993

After Wolverine has been lured to Canada by an alleged message from his old friend, Heather Hudson, he finds himself fighting Heather's husband, Vindicator, and the Canadian super team, Alpha Flight, instead. Alpha Flight believes that they were only sent after Wolverine to get him to rejoin their team. However, their General Chasen has a more sinister agenda: to retrieve Wolverine's adamantium skeleton -- at any cost.

X-Ternally Yours
S02E06 · X-Ternally Yours

Dec 04, 1993

Every ten years, The Assassins Guild and The Thieves Guild must each give an offering to a supernatural being called The X-Ternal, in exchange for power. When it comes to be Gambit's brother, Bobby, who has to offer the tithing this time, he comes up missing. The Assassins Guild want to exchange him for Gambit, so he can finally come face to face with the woman he left at the altar 10 years before.

Time Fugitives: Part 1
S02E07 · Time Fugitives: Part 1

Dec 11, 1993

Bishop returns from the future to again attempt to fix his world, but this time his actions lead up to a far greater tragedy occurring.

Time Fugitives: Part 2
S02E08 · Time Fugitives: Part 2

Dec 18, 1993

To stabilize his own timeline, Cable comes to the present to prevent Bishop from saving mutant-kind from Apocalypse's plague.

A Rogue's Tale
S02E09 · A Rogue's Tale

Jan 08, 1994

Mr. Sinister send Mystique to destroy the X-Men while Professor X is lost in the Savage Land. Rogue starts having painful visions of a mysterious woman and they're literally driving her crazy when the mysterious woman possesses Rogue's body. Unknown to the X-men, this mystery woman holds some dark secrets to Rogue's past before she joined the X-Men.

Beauty and the Beast
S02E10 · Beauty and the Beast

Jan 15, 1994

The Friends Of Humanity attack a hospital for the blind that Beast is working at. And Wolverine plans on tearing them apart from the inside. Beast and one of his blind patients, Carly, fall in love together. But Carly's father is a mutant hater and won't stand to see them associating with each other. When the Friends Of Humanity kidnap Carly for associating with a mutant, Wolverine, Beast, and the FOH come full circle. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are struggling to survive.

S02E11 · Mojovision

Feb 05, 1994

On a world ruled by Television, an alien named Mojo is master. When he abducts the X-Men and forces them to be action heroes in his shows, he may have to deal with more than he bargained for when Mojo's original action hero sabotages him. Xavier and Magneto are still slowly making their way through the Savage Land.

Reunion: Part 1
S02E12 · Reunion: Part 1

Feb 12, 1994

Xavier and Magneto finally make their way back to Xavier's plane, only to be ambushed by some mutates. The new ruler of the Savage Land is revealed but not until they make a new ally. Morph sends a message to the X-Men revealing his location which provides an encounter with Mr. Sinister and his group of Nasty Boys.

Reunion: Part 2
S02E13 · Reunion: Part 2

Feb 19, 1994

The X-Men are now in the Savage Land and are powerless like Xavier and Magneto, which leaves the X-Men open to being experimented on by Mr. Sinister. The only ones left to rescue them are Ka-Zar and Wolverine. Once everyone regains their powers, the Savage Land is restored. But what does the future hold for the Savage Land now?


X-Men: The Animated Series (also know as X-Men) Season 2 (1993) is released on Oct 23, 1993 and the latest season 5 of X-Men: The Animated Series is released in 1996. Watch X-Men: The Animated Series online - the English Animation TV series from United States. X-Men: The Animated Series is directed by Larry Houston,Fred Miller,Richard Bowman,Frank Squillace and created by Mark Edward Edens with Cedric Smith and George Buza.

In the Marvel Comics universe, mutants, people with genetically endowed superpowers, are persecuted by a hateful and fearful populous. One shelter from this is Professor Xavier's Academy for Gifted Children. But the school has a secret function as a training center for mutants to control their abilities so they can function in regular society. It also serves as a secret headquarters of a superhero team, called the X-Men formed both to be a positive example of mutants and as an opposing force against those mutants who seek to force the world to kneel to their perceived superiority. This series recounts their adventures as they struggle to make the world accept them, while battling villains like Magneto, Apocalypse and the genocidal robots known as the Sentinels.

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