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 Season 4

Westworld season 4 promises surprises, twists and "violent delights" as the war between hosts and humanity rages on. With Dolores Abernathy no longer in the frame, what's next for the dystopian sci-fi?

 Season 3

Taking place immediately after the events of the second season, Dolores develops a relationship with Caleb in neo-Los Angeles, and learns how robots are treated in the real world. Meanwhile, Maeve finds herself in another Delos park, this one with a World War II theme and set in Fascist Italy.

 Season 2

The reckoning is here. After finding the center of The Maze, the hosts revolt against their human captors while searching for a new purpose: The Door.

 Season 1

Westworld - a theme park where guests indulge fantasies with robots, a destination offering the future of sin, the artificial intelligence that fuels it and the humans that sense there's something more sinister at play.

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This science-fiction Western series from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy was inspired by Michael Crichton's Westworld (1973) and is set at a Wild-West theme park created by Dr. Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) with human-like androids, where guests are encouraged to indulge their fantasies and desires.


Where life begins. (Season 1)

Every hero has a code. (Season 1)

Some places make you feel alive. (Season 1)More