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Season 1

Jun 10, 2013

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Vitamin Z is released in 2013. Watch Vitamin Z all seasons full episodes online - the English Action TV series from United States. Vitamin Z is directed by Douglas Farra,Sean Jackson,Douglas Pritchard,Alberto Triana and created by Douglas Farra with Douglas Farra and E'va Stepniewska.

Apocalypse. Every culture has a story describing the end of the world. Some see it as a time of judgment, others as a time of cleansing, and others still see it as just an end. But no one could have predicted how it would really happen. Two years ago the People's Republic of China and its allies formulated a "Super Soldier Serum" intended to modify the genetic makeup of their soldiers. However, the compound was compromised before the final stage of testing was complete. This resulted in what is now considered the first occurrence of demortification. China considered this an opportunity. The Chinese government created a nutritional supplement dubbed Vitamin Z. Through a massive propaganda campaign, including millions of bottles of free samples and an endorsement from sports legend Destiny Greene, more than half the world was exposed to the product within a week. The people of the world were quickly taken with the magnificent abilities the drink provided. Increased strength, speed, perceptions, as well as an amazingly accelerated rate of healing soon earned it the title of "Miracle Drink". However the true miracle was later revealed as people started dying and then coming back to life as ferocious creatures bent on killing and then eating their victims. The world was plunged into chaos in just a few weeks as millions were killed and then turned into monsters. The virus came to be named after the drink that spawned it: Vitamin Z. What came after even China hadn't anticipated, as they too were consumed by the plague. The whole world was consumed. It has been two years since the apocalypse, and the only challenge greater than evading the undead, is finding food. Bands of survivors roam the world, but as supplies dwindle and their stomachs growl in hunger, they have to ask themselves, "What would you do to survive?"