Episodes (13)

Dance of the Dust
S01E01 · Dance of the Dust

Jan 16, 1995

On the run after being falsely accused of killing 2 Asian Crimes Task Force agents, Jian-Wa takes a job in a garment sweat shop. One of the workers is trying to unionize the shop - Jian-Wa fights against the union busters.

Holy Ghosts
S01E02 · Holy Ghosts

Jan 23, 1995

Jian-Wa takes a job as a waiter in an illegal gambling den. There, he befriends the son of a Vietnam M.I.A.; a scam artist claims to know what happened to his father. The ghost of Wago Chang pays Jian-Wa a visit and tries to help him.

Birds of Paradise
S01E03 · Birds of Paradise

Jan 30, 1995

In Texas, Jian-Wa gets a job on an ostrich ranch, and quickly demonstrates his skills. He soon learns the ranch owner beats his wife.

Single Flame
S01E04 · Single Flame

Feb 06, 1995

Jian-Wa reconnects with Lan Chi (Tamlyn Tomita) and Hung (Dustin Nguyen), and finds himself involved in a racially motivated gang war.

Sweet Sixteen
S01E05 · Sweet Sixteen

Feb 13, 1995

After Jian-Wa gets hired as a musician for a party, he protects the attendees from armed kidnappers; he then gets hired as a bodyguard for the sixteen year old daughter of the host.

Miracle Under 34th Street
S01E06 · Miracle Under 34th Street

Feb 20, 1995

In St. Louis, Jian-Wa is shot and wounded by the Feds. While being nursed back to health by a homeless person, he visits the Spirit World with Wago.

Runaway Hearts
S01E07 · Runaway Hearts

Feb 27, 1995

In D.C., working as a Chinese art historian, Jian-Wa meets a woman trying to sell some pieces smuggled out of China.

Lock and Load, Babe
S01E08 · Lock and Load, Babe

Mar 06, 1995

Jian-Wa thwarts a car-jacking, but the couple he saves have other plans for him.

Two Guys with Guns
S01E09 · Two Guys with Guns

Mar 13, 1995

While hitchhiking to Boston, Jian-Wa gets picked up by two brothers in a pickup truck, who then rob a convenience store and kidnap a girl.

Win, Place or Dead
S01E10 · Win, Place or Dead

Mar 20, 1995

Jian-Wa is working as a stable boy; horses are being killed. Agent Phillips begins to doubt Jian-Wa's guilt.

Jersey Girl
S01E11 · Jersey Girl

Apr 24, 1995

In New Jersey, Jian-Wa is working as a door man in a night club. The club owner is being pressured to release his best performers contract.

Long Ago and Far Away
S01E12 · Long Ago and Far Away

May 01, 1995

In Portland Oregon, after a laundry Jian-Wa just left explodes, he gets a job at the restaurant next door. Nearby businesses are being pressured to sell out.

Land of the Free
S01E13 · Land of the Free

May 08, 1995

In San Francisco, Jian-Wa helps a friend escape a triad.


Vanishing Son Season 1 (1995) is released on Jan 16, 1995. Watch Vanishing Son online - the English Action TV series from United States. Vanishing Son is directed by Gabrielle Beaumont,Ralph Hemecker,Charles Siebert,Norberto Barba and created by Rob Cohen with Russell Wong and Jason Leland Adams.

As know as:

Vanishing Son(Turkish), Vanishing Son, Dragões de Sangue, Zaginiony, Corupţi de libertate


United States



Production Companies:

Stu Segall Productions, MCA Television

Cast & Crew

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