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Season 1

Jul 09, 2022

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Ultraman Decker is released in 2022. Watch Ultraman Decker all seasons full episodes online - the Japanese Action TV series from Japan. Ultraman Decker is directed by Koichi Sakamoto,Masayoshi Takesue,Takanori Tsujimoto,Tomonobu Kochi and created by Naoki Hayashi with Hiroki Matsumoto and Yûka Murayama.

It is in this new age when "Sphere," an invading swarm of mysterious floating space objects, begin to attack Earth. Humanity loses contact with space and becomes a lone star. Their attack throws our hero Kanata Asumi's peaceful life into chaos. Destruction spreads before his eyes and a giant monster appears. With no heed for his own safety, Kanata jumps in front of the enemy and transforms into Ultraman Decker.


Shine Bright, Burst Forth, Leap Out, Decker!

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