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Feb 13, 2006

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Tronutye is released in 2006. Watch Tronutye all seasons full episodes online - the Russian Comedy TV series from Russia. Tronutye is directed by Anatoliy Gaziev and created by Anatoliy Gaziev with Dmitriy Palamarchuk and Valentin Zakharov.

Youth stunt comedy with a touch of desperate risk and fantastic inventiveness. The plot is based on the adventures of three inseparable student friends. Alan, Pavel and Cyril are classmates with different characters and passions, connected by real friendship, for the sake of which - into fire and into water. The guys equally love all kinds of practical jokes and jokes, absolutely sharing the opinion that the biggest sin is boredom. They devote all their free time to hilarious dramatization, because the game for them is the goal, the means, the lifestyle, and the way of thinking.